New Obsession: You’re Dead To Me

Fun fact about me, I love history. 

Back in my younger days, I read every single Horrible Histories book Terry Deary wrote and watched the CBBC show. I could rant about that show for hours but he does it better than I could.

I wasn’t able to take history in High School because the only permanent history teacher at my school hated my guts. So thanks, ‘Sawyer’. The feeling is mutual you spiteful woman. 

However, despite her best attempts I still adore history to this day. I still read as many history books as I can get my hands on and watch documentaries on the subject.

So you can imagine how elated I was when my sister told me about a certain podcast called You’re Dead To Me.

Not only is You’re Dead To Me a podcast all about history but the host Greg Jenner was a historical consultant or in his own words “the chief nerd” for the Horrible Histories show!

The podcast has two guests, an expert on the subject of that episode and a comedian. It is as informative as it is hilarious. The podcast is a humorous conversation about the topic at hand. It’s like Horrible Histories but for adults, I love it!

With this being a history podcast, you would suspect that it would only be about influential figures and important events. Well, yes and no. Yes, these topics are discussed but also the history of chocolate, Victorian vampire literature and queer history.

My favourite episode so far is the vampire literature one.

I started listening to You’re Dead To Me when I commuted to work for the first time since lockdown started a few weeks back. I don’t know about you, but I find listening to podcasts calm me down while travelling. Maybe it’s because it gives my racing mind something to focus on without distracting me from my surroundings. 

This was a bit of a mistake as I kept laughing. I got a few odd looks but I could not help it. Good thing I have to wear a mask on the train, that way I can bite my lip to hold back laughing without anyone seeing.

Even as a self-proclaimed history buff I always end up learning something new by the end of each episode. 

For example, there is a whole episode about a man called Lord Byron. I had no idea who he was. Well, he was the first celebrity as we know them. He was also friends with Mary and Percy Shelly. A very influential and interesting bloke.

Lord Byron

Hell, his daughter was Ada Lovelace, the woman who is considered the first computer programmer. I never knew that until now. As they say, every day is a school day.

I can’t recommend You’re Dead To Me highly enough. It’s witty, charming and educational. Since many of us are taking new found time to learn more, this show is perfect for you if you want to brush up on history trivia.

If you aren’t going to give this podcast a shot, then you’re dead to me.

You’re Dead To Me is available on Spotify, iTunes and the BBC Sounds website.

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