A Pirates Life For Me

Recently, Shiloh informed me about the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Needless to say, I got it soon after and was quickly introduced to Sea of Thieves.

I have had my eye on the game since 2018 but heard some very mixed reviews. However, with the Game Pass, I get it for basically free so I started mucking about on it.

This game is so much better than I was lead to believe.

Sea of Thieves is an online action-adventure game. Playing as a pirate, you sail the sea in search of gold and glory. However, not only do you need to keep an eye out for the Kraken and other beasties but other players who will not hesitate to sink your ship and loot you.

Alright, I will admit here and now for the public record, it isn’t as fun when you play alone. The real enjoyment comes from making up your own fun with friends. 

For example, seeing how far you can shoot one another out of cannons, setting your ship alight while someone is in the brig only to find out that if they die in there, they respawn in the cage again. Shenanigans like that.

One of the funniest escapades came when we saw a Reaver ship approaching us so decided to sink our ship and play music as it goes down. One of the Reaver crew was cannoned over and joined in with our final performance as the flames claimed the ship. I could not stop laughing.

I will admit, I am kinda over how PvP the game is. There is no option to turn that off, I can see why the constant threat of attack can be fun for others but it isn’t my thing. 

I wish the white flag you can fly turned PvP off for you, so they can’t attack you but you can’t attack either. If this was implemented the catch should be you can’t turn it on or off once you start. You could only do it before you started the game so next time you play you can change your mind.

Just a suggestion, although I doubt anyone from Rare will read this. Worth a shot I guess.

There is a storyline you can play featuring 11 quests but I haven’t played that yet so I can’t comment on it. 

Overall, Sea of Thieves is a lot of fun but to get the most out of it, you really should play with friends. Being blunt, I do think the game is priced on the steep side for what you get, on Steam at least (£34.99 at the time of writing) I am not sure about other places. 

If you have Game Pass yourself or see it on sale, you should pick it up with a first mate or two and set sail for adventure. 

I’ll see you on the high seas!

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