Autumn Reading List 2020

Finally! Autumn is fast approaching and I for one can’t wait! It is by far the cosiest season, the prettiest season and all in all my favourite season. 

As always, I have already selected a handful of books perfect for the best season. 

Not included on the list but worth mentioning in its own right is A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny. I’ve started a tradition of sorts with that book. You see, each chapter is a single night in October. So, every October night I read that night’s corresponding chapter. I highly recommend it.

Without further ado, on with the list! 

Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Thank you so much, Eilidh for this book! It’s been a long time coming but I wanted to save it for the spooky season. 

After all, it’s the best time to read a book all about necromancy.

Odessa, a necromancer, is tasked with resurrecting nobles. However, should a resurrected’s skin, they become zombie-like monsters known as Shades. 

Now, someone is going around ripping the shrowds that cover the undead. Seeming leading an attack with these now monsters. Odessa needs to put a stop to this soon.

Dark Harvest by Joshua Reynolds

Fun fact about me, I’m into Warhammer. I don’t play the game, I like painting figures and reading into the lore, mostly via the Black Library books.

A while back, I found they even have a sizable collection of horror in the Warhammer universe. So, I decided to get one for Autumn. I picked Dark Harvest as the plot sounds right up my alley. Not to mention the author has written Lovecraftian horror, and we all know about my obsession with that brand of horror all too well.

Former Warrior-Priest Harran Blackwood is contacted by an old friend begging for help. It seems that some things from the past won’t stay buried.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Ever since I joined the Dark Academia community, this book has been recommended to me non stop. 

A group of students do what most college students do, explore new ideas and ways of thinking. The last thing they want is a boring and plain life. 

It’s all fun and games until someone is murdered. 

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

My classical pick for Autumn. After all, from what I heard it has it all, gothic horror, mystery and psychological realism.

I haven’t seen any film adaptations, so I am going in mostly blind. I do have rather lofty expectations for this book considering the praise it received.

Artist Walter Hartright seems to have finally landed a decent job, teaching Laura Fairlie how to draw. However, things aren’t as idyllic as they first appear. 

Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake

What better time than Autumn to read some gothic literature? 

I bought this book at my favourite shop after a glowing recommendation. Once again, I have put off reading it for months.

An heir is born. One day he will inherit Gormenghast Castle and the rest of the kingdom. However, due to traditions so old the origins are lost to the sands of time, dark rituals must be done.

I am looking forward to reading all these books and then some, but mostly just looking forward to Autumn in general. What about you? What are you planning on reading this Autumn? Please let me know!

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