Abandoning Anime

I’m not sure if I can claim to be a part of the anime community anymore. I barely watch it these days.

It’s not that I no longer enjoy anime, but I haven’t watched anything new this year. I tend to just rewatch my favourite series on repeat and sometimes check out a show on Netflix on a whim.

Frankly, if you name a popular anime at the moment, chances are I haven’t seen it. I think the most recent show I watched was Kaguya-sama: Love is War, although I haven’t watched the second season yet.

So, why haven’t I? After all, I am working from home, I have time to catch up. Hell, I have time to rewatch Witchcraft Works for the third time and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid gods know how many times.

Well, I guess it’s the same reasons I rarely watch any new movies or shows in general. Please bear with me as this might not make any logical sense and putting it into words is proving to be a challenge.

When I go to watch something new, I get stressed before hitting play. I like rewatching things again and again because I know what is going to happen, there is nothing to throw me through a loop or get me overly emotional.

My mental health is tanking, I feel more fragile than I have been in a long time. I feel like I can’t handle any major twists or anything too upsetting. I know this sounds rather pathetic but it’s true.

I always get emotional when watching something. Hells, I’m the girl who cried three times at Big Hero 6. That was when I was in a much better place, too. 

Gaming isn’t so bad, as, for the most part, I can take it at my own pace. Same goes for books. For example, I had to keep taking breaks when I read The Five because it was hard-hitting.

I am going to try to catch up at some point, but for now, I’m sticking with lighter shows. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them.

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  1. Maybe abandoning anime is too strong of a statement. Maybe taking a vacation would be a better way to say it. After all the only thing you are not doing is watching new stuff. Still like anime, just being particular about what you watch right now. Watching anime should be fun and enjoyable not something that stresses you out. When you feel better the new shows will still be there for you to watch. 🙂

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      1. Something like “I saw a saw that could out saw any other saw I ever saw.” Love that sentence also for the fact that it uses the same word with two different meanings in the same sentence. English can be so much fun 🙂

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  2. I agree with Michael Kelly. You’re taking a vacation. I can completely understand why, too. These times have hit all of us hard. I can’t watch No Game No Life Zero, for example. It’s tragic at the best times, but now? I just couldn’t handle it.

    I know because I tried. Got 30 seconds in.

    In case it helps, I think both Witchcraft Works and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid are both excellent vacation spots. I always feel better after watching them.

    These times won’t last forever. It only seems that way!

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  3. Hello! I know I’m quite late but I thought I should let you know that I too needed a break from anime and manga at one point. And I actually found it incredibly hard to pick it back up. Please don’t feel bad, and definitely don’t feel guilty. Take your time with this because anime is meant to be enjoyed! It shouldn’t make you feel stressed out. Cheers! Stay safe, and lots of love. ❤

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