Steam Powered: Divinity Original Sin II

One day while chatting with Fates Folly, my awesome Dungeon Master brought up a game. A game that captures the spirit of D&D and something all of us could play together during our self-isolation. One that once I started playing, I fell in love with.

Divinity: Original Sin II


Divinity: Original Sin II is an RPG set in a fantasy world called Rivellon. In this world, magic comes from Source and those born with it can wield it however they like. However, they are seen as evil and those who are captured are sent to Fort Joy, where our adventure begins.

When you start you are given two options, to play as a custom character or one of the premade ones. The only real differences are the premade ones are fully voiced and have some great storylines. You can play as either a Human, Lizard, Elf, Dwarf, or Undead. No matter which one you pick, you can fully customise the combat style. In fact, while there are roles, these are more like guidelines. You can do whatever you want.

When I started, I was going to make a custom character but you can listen to the origins of the premade ones, so I did. In the process, I saw Loshe’s one and instantly knew I wanted to play as her. I could tell you her origin, but I’ll let her do that.

Loshe is a very interesting woman and has given me a few ideas for my own D&D characters.

Speaking of D&D, I can see why many fellow D&D fanatics flock to this game. For crying out loud, it even has a Dungeon Master who narrates parts of the story! Each choice you make not only impacts the world, but your party too. It will change your relationship for better or worse. If you ally yourself with someone, you make an enemy of another.

Even small actions can lead to disastrous outcomes.

No two playthroughs are the same since there are so many options to pick through. Both I and Thomas are playing as Loshe and we have made wildly different decisions.

Like I mentioned earlier about combat, you can mix and match to create your personal combat style. There are over 200 skills in 12 skill schools so you have a lot to choose from. I went with a Witchblade build, a sort of Arcane Trickster if you will.

You can also interact with near enough everything. For example, in combat, you can set oil on fire to burn enemies or electrocute them by using lighting magic on puddles.

giphy (7)

At the time of writing, I have only played the multiplayer mode once. However, I am eager to do so again as it was a lot of fun. Even though my reckless actions and mistakes drove my friends up the wall. Oh well, it is what it is.

You can play with four friends and a fifth as the Game Master. With this mode, you can create your own story or use one made by the community.

It’s back up to full price now, £29.99 but my friends and I were able to snag it for £14.99 during a sale a few weeks back. I do think it is worth the full price tag, but my wallet appreciated the mercy.

This game is brilliant, and with around 80 hours of gameplay, there should be enough fantasy shenanigans to keep you busy during this lockdown. In fact, chances are I might be playing this when this post goes live.

I’ll see you in Rivellon.

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