Quarantine Quality Time

Don’t worry, I haven’t caught it myself. I am fine and I hope it stays that way.

However, Coronavirus has already started impacting my local community. As of a few days ago schools, pubs and other public areas have been closed. There are even rumours floating around that a lockdown might start soon.

My friend and D&D party member Ben found out on Monday that someone in his college was tested positive, the next day the college closed its doors. We decided to start playing our regular sessions over Roll20 in the meantime.

I’ll be honest, it is not the same from hanging out face to face. However, now I can play in my PJs with one of my cats on my lap so I’m not complaining. I know my cats aren’t since now my family and I are home during the day now so they get all the snuggles they want.

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My work situation is a bit weird. I know that no matter what happens I’ll get paid so I am lucky. At the time of writing, I am not exactly working. In a nutshell, I am not going to my regular shifts but I am on call to help out. Even then I was told more often than not it will be managers called in, not folk in my position. Seems like I have some time on my hands.

I know that I am going to be fine, but I am terrified for my family. Namely, my sister who has asthma and my elderly family members. My sister’s university has closed but there is still access to a few areas so she has decided to stay there for a bit to get more work done. I am so nervous that she is going to catch it, I want her home where we can look after her as soon as possible.

As for myself, I am proud to say that I am not one of the masses panic buying. Well, kinda. I haven’t been stockpiling food or toilet roll, but books. I reserved a bunch of books to pick up at my local library as well as taking out as many that caught my eye.

More than usual.

I was stockpiling reading material. Since I am quarantined at home for a while, I might as well try to get ahead of my reading challenges for the year. Unfortunately, the libraries closed before I could pick up some of the books. Oh well, I have plenty already.

I may or may not be using a lot of my newfound free time to game more than usual. Ben and I have already started finding games to play together and I’ll probably play more often with Shiloh then usual. Our current game of choice is Don’t Starve Together.

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I am trying not to leave the house unless necessary. I had one last walk around the park on Thursday, now I’m staying in unless I need to pick up somethings from the shops. Well, that is if there is anything left to buy at this rate.

I want to add a little blog update here. Chances are that I will be posting more book reviews since I am already reading more than usual. I hope that is alright with everyone.

I know these are scary times but panicking will only make this worse. If you can, stay in. Wash your hands, clean your phone and take every precaution not only to keep yourself safe but also to prevent spreading it those more vulnerable.

Please, stay safe everyone.



I used the GORILLA_ART Picrew to make the cute picture of myself in the header.

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