Spring Reading List

Nearing the end of the month, Spring will start.

Normally most of the time I use the jar technique to pick a book but I still use my list sometimes.

Watership Down

I grew up with the animated film and rewatch it around Easter time. So this year, I am finally going to read the original book by Richard Adams.

I not going to lie, I am a bit nervous about reading Watership Down. I know the original book was written for children but considering how horrifying the film was, I can’t shake the feeling that the book is going to be even more brutal.

I’m planning on reading this at the end of the month and finishing it around Easter.

giphy (3)
One of the few non-horrifying gifs

The Five

The only non-fiction book on the list.

As someone who is interested in True Crime, I have read a lot about the infamous Whitechapel Murders, also known as Jack the Ripper.

However, something I never really looked into was the victims. I am ashamed that the thought never crossed my mind before. Now, I intend to fix that with a little help from The Five by Hallie Rubenhold.

Bloody Rose

As he sequel to my favourite book of the year so far and one of my new favourite fantasy books, Kings of the Wyld, I have high expectations for this book.

Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames is about the mercenary group lead by Bloody Rose herself. Their latest recruit, the Bard Tam Hashford is excited to see some real adventure for herself rather than stories she gets told by her drunken pubgoers.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

22cbcc96f95006aa2294510c21d69bcbRosemary Harper wanted to escape, what better place to run off to then Space?

The Wayfarer may be old, but as chaotic as the crew is they get along and their ship provides enough to get them by. When they are offered a contract that could end up making them a lot of money, they take it.

Only then does she realise that everyone on board has secrets.

Priestess of the White

I’ve been interested in reading this for a while, then on Friday, I found a copy in a second-hand book shop. This, fellow readers, is why I love these shops. You always find a gem, if you know how and where to look.

If being chosen to become a Priestess wasn’t enough pressure for Auraya, within ten years she became of the White, god’s chosen few.

She has to keep her faith strong and wits up, as talks for peace are tricky enough. Adding assassins seemingly everywhere and a ticking clock will make her duty even harder.

What are you planning on reading? Let me know, I’m always looking for more book recommendations!

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