Steam Powered: Coffee Talk

Did someone order a cup of heartwarming storytelling with a splash of comedy?

Coffee Talk is a casual game from Toge Productions in which you own a rather unique coffee shop that only opens at night. Due to this, you get some interesting supernatural customers who you lend a sympathetic ear to as you provide warm drinks to comfort them.

The gameplay is straight forward, you make drinks. Okay, there is a bit more to it than that. As the game goes on you learn new recipes and sometimes you are given vague orders. Plus, drawing latte art is pretty fun. Even after completing the main story there were several drink recipes I hadn’t discovered.

Which reminds me, even when you complete the main story, there is still plenty of the game left to play.

The selling point is without a doubt the characters you encounter. With each character, we learn more about the world and current issues. Everyone is trying their best to make something of themselves while facing major challenges. My favourite is Freya, who seems to be the face of the game. She is your good friend and regular to the cafe. Freya is also a fellow writer and caffeine addict.


While playing the game, I found the music super relaxing. Think of one of those Lofi playlists, that’s the soundtrack. In fact, they released the soundtrack for free on Spotify and YouTube. Needless to say, I’m listening to it while writing this. I am also a sucker for pixel art.

I keep seeing folk compare Coffee Talk to VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action and I understand why. In fact, it’s because I loved VA-11 Hall-A as I have talked about before that I decided to give Coffee Talk a go in the first place.

While they have similar gameplay and storytelling, Coffee Talk is a lot more relaxing, deals with personal issues and set in a more realistic world while VA-11 Hall-A has a longer playtime, is rather bleak and is set in a dystopia of sorts. It’s down to preference, but if you liked one, you might enjoy the other one too.

Coffee Talk is an incredible game that I highly recommend. It is a joyful experience and one of the most chilled out games I have played. Very dialogue heavy which might put some folk off but I love games like this.

Now I really want a coffee.

Coffee Talk is available on Steam, Xbox One, Switch and PS4.

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