Steam Powered: ARK

Once again, Shiloh has introduced me to a new game that I have quickly fallen in love with.

ARK: Survival Evolved is, as the name suggests, a survival action game. You wake up washed up on a beach of an unusual island. This new home of yours is covered in dinosaurs and danger. You need to craft a base and train some of the local wildlife to survive.

You can play by yourself or in one of the MMO servers like I do. I am pretty much useless at these kinds of games unless I get help. Thankfully for me, Shiloh and the other members of my Tribe know what they are doing and have saved my hide more than I care to admit. Plus, it’s fun to mess around with mates on open-world games like this.


Honestly, I don’t think I would have started playing ARK if it wasn’t for Shiloh since survival type games aren’t really my thing. Playing with her and the others makes the game a whole lot more fun.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. Mostly keeping a close eye on your stats and maintaining them as you go about your chores. Environmental factors stack up so be wary of that.

As you level up, you unlock more craftables to help you survive, such as better clothes, better tools and better structures. It’s a bit of a grind but personally, I find games with this element very fulfilling.

The dinos react differently to you, herbivores and omnivores tend to leave you be unless you attack them, but carnivores will try to take a bite out of you the second they see you. Also, some are easy enough to domesticate after a few moments while others take a lot more time and effort.

tenorI haven’t dared to try to train a carnivore yet. I know it can be done considering the zoo my friends have collected but each time I cross paths with a wild one I end up running for my life.

Be careful, since your pet dinos can die for your mistakes. I tried to kill a dodo but it went under a brontosaurus and I hit that instead, causing it to attack and kill both me and my dino, Buddy. Then Buddy 2.0 was killed trying to defend my house, or at least what had been built at that point.

Let’s hope Buddy 3.0 has better luck.


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