Page Turner: Kings of the Wyld

The first book of the new year. Oh boy, what a belter to start with!

Like I said in my Winter Reading List I was recommended Kings of the Wyld by several fellow bookworms on r/suggestmeabook. With so many praising this book to the old gods and the new, my expectations were rather high. After reading I totally understand, this book is bloody brilliant!

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames follows a band of mercenaries, or rather ex mercs since they left the game years ago. Clay Cooper has settled down into a boring but happy life when his old friend begs him to join his quest to help his daughter in a near-impossible battle.

One of the many reasons I adored this book was the characters. Clay and his bandmates may have grown old but their bonds are as strong as ever. The way they reminisce of the old times and banter is both funny and at times rather heartwarming. They are all unique and interesting folk with differing outlooks and fightings styles that work together near seamlessly.

Fanart by Felix Ortiz

We see through Clay’s eyes how the world has changed since his prime, from how mercenaries now operate to how each of them has adapted to civilian life, for the most part.

This might be odd to say but the world they live in seems so alive. I haven’t read a book with such an immersive setting in years. With old and few friends and foes seemingly around every corner. Describing not only the physical locations but the historic encounters Saga had there. It reminded me of a D&D campaign setting. So vibrant and thrilling.

Now, normally books with a lot of action bore me. Since I have read a few books were fighting scenes were written sloppily. I am glad to report that does Kings of the Wyld not have that issue. Each fight could be their last, each hit hurts you as you frantically read on the edge of your seat.

You travel with the band through highs and lows. Seeing the death and destruction all around you and feel both hopeful for their quest, though you fear the odds are stacked against them.

God, this book is a trip and a half.

71Irzuk9liLThere is a sequel out, Bloody Rose, which I bought during my book buying spree on payday a few months back. It’s a bad habit of mine but paid off this time since I adored Kings of the Wyld. If Bloody Rose is only half as good, I will still be satisfied.

That being said I am not reading it until next month. I’ll explain why in my next post.

If you are looking for a fantasy book with amazing world building, fully fleshed out and interesting characters and one hell of an adventure, you have got to read Kings of the Wyld.


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