2020 Vision and Resolutions

I know I said last time that I wouldn’t use that joke again, but I am weak for a good/bad pun.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you started the year on a good note. I just drank a lot and complained about the former year.

At the beginning of the new year, I like to look back to see what I need to improve in my life. One way I do this is by reading content from that time. This time last year I was in one hell of a negative mindset. I’m not completely out of that toxic thought process but I am taking steps to fix it.

Although once again due to work I was unable to go with my family on holiday, which really sucks. Starting the new year off alone. But they did promise they would bring me a book back for me so I will forgive them.

As for last years resolutions, I am glad to say that while I haven’t lost weight, I did meet two goals! I pledged to read at least 12 books, I finished my 18th the day before the end of the year.


I also managed to keep up with my blog deadlines, barely sometimes but still.

This year I am going to push myself more. I have doubled my reading goal for the year to 24 books, ideally at least two a month. On top of that, I plan on catching up with classics I should have already read by this point.

I am going to properly work on losing weight. I keep saying “I did it once before, I can do it again” yet I always drop the ball every year. This year I plan on not making any more excuses and push myself into getting into a decent shape.

I am also starting to learn British Sign Language. I have been meaning to for years but never got around to it. I knew a few greetings and the basics but this year I am going to properly dedicate time into learning a new language. My target is at least five minutes a day practising.  I still don’t get why this isn’t taught in schools!

tenor (8).gif

What are your resolutions for this year? I wish you all the best not only for your resolutions but for your year overall.

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  1. Sign language is taught in many of the elementary classes around here. I think it is optional. When I was a kid, a few other kids picked it up as a way to have full blown conversations when the teacher wasn’t looking.

    I have found the trick to losing weight is to stay busy. It is when I slow down I start to thinking about snacking.

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