The Best of 2019

Happy Boxing Day! I hope you guys got what you wanted yesterday!

I am doing this a tad differently this year. Not only am I adding a new category but the Best Book Read in 2019 isn’t one published this year, same goes for Indie Games. This is because lately I have been playing and reading older content.

With that out of the way, on to the highlights of 2019!

Best Game of 2019: The Outer Worlds

giphy (3).gif

Man, I love this game!

I know folk have been raving about this game from day one, but honestly, the hype isn’t misplaced.

From the moment you reach Edgewater, you truly feel like a part of this world. Not only do your actions have consequences but even what seem like small comments impact the environment.

I love the companions you meet along the way who join you on your adventure. They all have different insights and opinions.

Best Indie Game of 2019: Celeste


Again, I know it didn’t come out this year but frankly, this game is so good it deserves this place on the list.

Celeste is a platformer that deals with mental health, anxiety and self-worth. I have written about Celeste before so instead of just repeating myself, read the ramble. Or even treat yourself to a copy since its on the Steam Sale.

Best Movie of 2019: Shazam!


Before you tease me about this pick, frankly it is by default as this was the only movie I went to see this year. Your girl has been broke and never got around to seeing more films. Sorry!

That being said, I do think Shazam! is a good film. It was funny and oddly heartfelt. We also got to see what it must be like living in a world were Superheroes exist.

Plus, Shazam! is a fun take on Superhero films and does the character justice.

Best Book Read in 2019: This Is Going to Hurt


I ended up reading a lot this year, 17 books to be precise, so it was very hard to pick just one book as the best one I read this year.

I ended up going with the book that made me laugh out loud the most yet also broke my heart, This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay.

Exactly as it says on the tin, This is Going to Hurt is a collection of diary entries over Kay’s medical career. It’s easily the best Non Fiction read from this year but it is an emotional one. Don’t read if you are faint of heart.

What have been the highlights of your year? Let me know!

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