Life Update

So, things are changing.

book-haul-gifFirstly, I have gotten a new job! I don’t start until the end of January but I am so excited! Not only is it better pay but I will also be working with books. I can’t wait for my first day, a new job means new opportunities and new experiences.

After working for three years in retail, I’m looking forward to starting my career.

Also, as I mentioned on Twitter, Nerd Rambles has amassed over 10,000 views this year. Thank you so much for reading my content, I hope I can continue to improve and entertain you!

These are pretty much the only good things going for me at the current time since Christmas stress is upon me. I am struggling to motivate myself to do anything, even falling asleep is proving to be a bit of a challenge these days. I often joke about the bags under my eyes being deeper than the grand canyon but they are getting so much worse I reckon I can give L a run for his money.

I am trying to take a step back and focus on mental health but all I can do is distract myself temporarily. Funnily enough, my distraction of choice lately has been reading. Nine times out of ten you will find me curled up with a mug of tea and a book.

I don’t feel as rotten as I did this time last year, though. So that must be a good sign. Until I start my new job and get settled into a new routine, I just need to keep my head down and start getting things in order.

Not exactly an interesting update this time but I will be back with my usual content on Thursday as always.

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4 thoughts on “Life Update

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  1. Glad to hear about the new job. Congratulations Meg, so happy for you!

    Christmas is a very stressful time of year, but don’t forget it’s also a time for celebration and a new year is almost upon us.

    And with your new job, the new year will be off to a great start! I can relate!

    Looking forward to what your blog has in store for us once things calm down.

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