Returning in 2020

The title is somewhat off, since only Half-Life: Alyx is confirmed for a 2020 release, Saints Row V (not the official name) is getting revealed in 2020 but close enough.

Needless to say, what a week for gaming news. First Saints Row V then Half-Life: Alyx a few days later. Not exactly the Half-Life 3 we have been memeing to death for years but I’m sure fans of the franchise are happy to hear they don’t need to wait too much longer for a continuation to the series.

Or maybe they are annoyed that it’s a VR game. I can understand why, you wait years for a new game only to find out you would need to buy an expensive new component to play it. That would hack me off too.

Small confession, I have never played Half-Life. Yeah, I know, but in fairness, it was not for a lack of trying. I bought the game when I was still using that sucky laptop I have ranted about before and it couldn’t run on it. I know I should get round to it but I keep forgetting to.

Don’t worry, I’m downloading it as I’m writing this and will play it soon. I promise!

7c581dcd91588a171d67a46c2e9fd7ceSaints Row, on the other hand, is a series I adore. Being candid I was one of the many fans who at first was hopeful about Agents of Mayhem but after learning about the combat system and the lack of my favourite character, Matt Miller, I quickly lost interest. I am so glad I didn’t buy that game after seeing that it was, in fact, worse than I feared.

While I am excited to hear about this upcoming instalment, I am not sure how they are going to continue the story considering the ending of Saint’s Row 4 and I still feel cheated by Agents of Mayhem. It is going to take Deep Silver a fair amount of work to restore my faith again.

Still, I am cautiously optimistic. Besides, we still need to wait for the new year to find out what they have planned for the latest game so no use worrying about it. Time will tell after all.

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  1. “Small confession, I have never played Half-Life. ”

    I adored the original; I liked the next iterations even more. Alyx was a great character, and she helped draw me even deeper into the game.

    And yes, I’m thinking about buying a VR headset just to play this game. Not sure I’ll have the time, though…

    I’ll be interested to see what you think after playing it. The Source “remake” of the original was really decent.


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