Achievement Unlocked: Graduated

Sorry that today’s ramble is a bit late. I had the wrong shift written down for work, thinking I was the on the closing shift when I was actually on the opening so I bolted out the door without breakfast. Note to self, always doublecheck your shifts.

Yesterday I officially Graduated from Glasgow Clyde College!

6e13991710b448e5-gif-graduation-animated-gif-on-gifer-by-goldenredeemerFor some reason that makes no sense to me, Glasgow holds Graduation Ceremonies in November even though we finished in Summer.

Regardless, I am now a true Graduate!

I was so nervous on the days leading up to the Ceremony, to make matters worse the day before I fell sick with a bug that has been making the rounds and struggled to sleep. Well, more than usual.

While I still had headaches and a sore throat on the day, the worst was behind me.

As for the ceremony itself, it went fine. My best friend Shiloh did a wonderful job, as always, with my makeup which made me feel pretty for once. On top of that, it meant that she was involved with the ceremony. The gowns we had to rent were rather pretty but we didn’t have motor boards which I was a little disappointed about but oh well.

My former classmate and D&D pal Kieran also attended. We turned out to be the only two from our course to attend out of the 11 that graduated. Still, I was glad the pair of us went since he is a good pal of mine.

tenorI did have to contain myself though as when my name was called, the bloke said it wrong. How hard is it to say Peoples? People with an s at the end. But no, he said Peebles. It happens so often it is infuriating! My old headteacher used to call me Megan Pewballs, like really? One of the many reasons I wasn’t her biggest fan.

That night my parents went out and celebrated with a nice dinner. It’s rare for me to be the subject of praise in my family. I was given several graduation cards and even a bottle of Rosé wine.

I know today’s ramble is a short one but since this is a pretty big achievement for me after all the hard work I put into this course I wanted to talk about it.

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