Happy Halloween 2019!

Today is the day!

sourceFinally, it’s Halloween, my favourite day of the year.

This is the first Halloween I have had off in two years and I am ecstatic about it. I had to pester my boss to let me have it off.

That being said due to a scheduling error I am terrified that I’m going to get called in. If that happens, well I am not sure what I will do, hopefully, it won’t come to that.

The annoying thing is I am the only one who loves Halloween at my work yet they kept making me work it. So on both occasions, I showed up in costume. However, since this is me we are talking about I didn’t go cutesy. I went as a Murdered Camp Councilor from Friday the 13th the first year and a slightly toned down Final Girl the year after.

This year I am having a quiet night with my best friend. Nothing major but it will be fun for us and really, that is all that matters. I’m still going to dress up though of course. I was going to be a Steryoal typical Ravenclaw but I have some leftover temporary tattoos of realistic injuries so I’m going as a Ravenclaw that died at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Halloween has always been a special day for me. I was the weird kid back in Primary school and never really grew out of it. I see it as a time to be creative and let people express themselves as dark as they want.

Plus my mum made it a big deal growing up. She would decorate the entire house, bake disturbing looking but delicious goodies and host the best parties. She told me years later that she did so to try and help me make friends. Let’s just say it didn’t work, but I will never forget wonderful times.

My family aren’t massive Halloween fans but they know how important it is for me so they still put up a few decorations and my dad carves a pumpkin. This year they stepped it up with a small army of pumpkins guarding the living room.

original (3).gif

I don’t think they realise how much it means to me to have my love of this holiday and all things dark and creepy validated by them like this. It’s a reminder that while they don’t care for it themselves, they care about me so they take part to show support.

As the years pass Halloween seems to be dying in Scotland. Less and less people take their kids Guising (what we call Trick or Treating) while Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier. Hell, in my shop we were selling Christmas cards before we even got anything Halloween in store. Maybe this will change and Halloween will regain its former glory in the coming years. Oh well, a girl can dream.

I hope everyone has a horrifying Halloween, however you choose to celebrate. Whether it’s throwing a Monster Bash with all your pals, a small get together or even just binge-watching some classic horror movies. Have fun!

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