All Saints’ Wake 2019

No tricks this year, just one hell of a treat!

One of my favourite events in Final Fantasy XIV is All Saints’ Wake, the Halloween event. The main reason is the seasonal instance is so fun and the ‘villains’ are so likeable even as they are trying to terrorise the citizens of Gridania. An evil circus who instead of bringing terror, always end up bringing fun and thrills instead.

Not to mention the limited edition items up for grabs. This year we get an adorable mount, Circus Ahriman. We also get a Pumpkin Carriage Outdoor Furnishing and as always a Fantastical All Saints’ Wake Advertisement for your in-game home.


While I would have liked a costume this year, the Circus Ahriman is so cute that I will gladly accept it in place of a costume.

However, this year they have added something new. Something rather interesting.

One of the side quests that you can repeat allows you to turn into NPCs! After talking to an imp you can choose from beloved characters from every expansion.

Well, almost. I have not completed Shadowbringers yet, so I can’t pick any characters from Shadowbringers which sucks but there are still a lot of my favourites I can pick so I’m alright with that.

Needless to say, fans have been using this as a way to take ridiculous screenshots. They basically handed us a free pass to meme it up with NPCs. I hope this becomes a part of each All Saints’ Wake as it is a lot of fun but I doubt it.


If you play Final Fantasy XIV but haven’t checked out All Saints’ Wake, get on that soon since this event ends on the first of November.

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