Page Turner: Hex

I haven’t felt this indifferent about a book in a while.

I was recommended Hex while looking for good Halloween books and started reading expecting a lot of dark magic, suspense and thrills. What I got was a decent enough read but one I will most likely forget by the end of the year.

717DiunQ8iLHex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt is about the town of Black Spring. A typical small American town, if you don’t count the ghostly witch who curses all who move into her haunting grounds.

The Black Rock Witch stalks the streets with her eyes and mouth sewn shut, for if they ever open all hell would break loose.

The folks are so used to her they don’t fear her anymore. However, when some of the younger residents want to make this little town secret mainstream, things take a turn. Once set in motion, it cannot be stopped.

I know this sounds a bit bitter but I was expecting a grand story thanks to the blurb on the back. Maybe I misinterpreted it but the twist I was excited for seemed to never happen. I was about halfway through the book when I realised my mistake. After that, I kinda just lost interest but wanted to finish it since I already bought it.

I will not spoil it, due to my rule, but I found the ending rather placid. There was a fair amount of build-up only for what felt like a flat liner of a climax. Though that might simply be because I had already lost interest in the book when it got to that part.

Being blunt, I ended up rooting for the witch by the end of the story. I’m not sure if that was intended but her actions seem more than justified to me and by the end all but a handful of characters were nasty and it was satisfying seeing what happened.

On that note, what the teens do to her is frankly more disturbing than anything she does. I felt a bit sick during those moments.


This book keeps getting compared to the works of Stephan King, in fact, he himself endorses the book, and while I have only read a few of his books so I am no expert the book I kept thinking of while reading near the end was Jaws by Peter Benchley. They both contain characters who are so unlikeable you look forward to their deaths.

There was only one character I liked, the rest I either didn’t care about or wanted dead.

The annoying part is this book is decent and all, but just missing an element or two which is rather frustrating as the general plot is original and there were a few fresh ideas, but as a whole, I found it a rather mediocre read.

I think this is the first time on Nerd Rambles where I can’t really bring myself to recommend a book. Again it wasn’t the worst story I’ve read but in the end, all it was good for one getting one step closer to completing my Reading Challange for the year.


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