MCM Scotland 2019

What a day.

I’m writing this the evening after attending MCM Scotland this year. Despite this being my fifth time I was still so excited and nervous I could barely sleep. I dragged myself out of bed at four in the morning, chugged a couple of energy drinks then headed to Shiloh’s to get ready.

71396853_659531354556503_7803397574680903680_nI don’t know about you, but I feel so much more confident when I look nothing like myself. Hence why, while I don’t do it often, I love to cosplay. Shiloh really outdid herself this year with my makeup and wig! I felt really cute which is rare for me.

Since Runa is always eating lolipops I brought some with me that I handed out. If you were there and talked to me, then you got a lollipop. I also gave them to vendors and folks with super impressive cosplays were offered one too.

I was even given a few things too! An amazing Jester gave me a pamphlet about The Traveller (which is now on my wall), a sweet Tiny Tina traded a lolly for a small pack of cookies and two awesome cosplayers dressed as Tulio and Miguel gave me a chocolate gold coin.

I ended up getting paid a lot more than I had expected on Friday so I brought a little extra cash with me, pretty much spent all of it in the Artist Alley.

For me, Artist Alley is the best part of conventions. Sure there are some cool collectables and the chance to meet celebs but without a shadow of a doubt, I prefer spending time wandering around finding incredible art pieces to take home, whether it’s prints, stickers or badges. The majority of my purchases were either D&D related, pride items or both

I did promise myself that I would not add to my overgrown pile of t-shirts. I ended up buying three and almost bought a forth. Listen, I’m weak for cute things and my friends were not there to stop me when I bought the D&D pair. Shiloh is pretty much my impulse control.


Well, that was my fault anyway. I feel like I should say sorry to my group since I kept getting distracted by all the awesome items on sale I ended up getting separated. I think this happened five times? I’m sure one of them will correct me. Regardless I was warned that the next time I got lost, I was on my own. I don’t blame them, it must have been rather annoying.

As much as I loved my costume, I think anyone who cosplays will agree that the most freeing moment is when you rip that wig that has been making you hot and itchy and chuck it across the room. Okay, that might just be me but after wearing such a heavy and warm outfit on the con floor changing into my loosest and lightest clothes felt so satisfying.

Tomorrow (the day this is posted) will suck since the post-con blues are going to hit hard as they tend to do. If you are going to the second day, I hope you have a blast!

See you next year, MCM Scotland!

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