Preparing for Comic-Con

With MCM Scotland only a few days away, needless to say, I am excited!

This will be my fifth year going. I used to go to another convention every year instead but after my first time attending MCM, I fell out of love for the original Con so now I only go to MCM.

Once again I am going to cosplay. Each year I seem to be getting more and more nervous about cosplaying since my self-esteem keeps taking hit after hit. However this year I am going with a bigger group with three of us cosplaying as characters from Kagakarui. I’m going as the delightfully devious Runa Yomozuki.


My best friend Shiloh will be Kirari Momobami and my fellow free company member Chris will be Yumeko Jabami, the legend is going in drag!

I thought making Runa’s iconic hoodie would be a great excuse to learn how to sew again. I used to sew a fair bit back in the day but outside of sewing patches onto my bag, I rarely do. Since it is a relatively simple design I figured I could handle it.

Boy was I wrong.

I ended up panicking and really struggled but Shiloh and Ryan came to the rescue. They pretty much made it for me. I feel a bit guilty about it but so grateful since it was a rather last-minute situation and they did an incredible job.

downloadI also had a problem with the skirt since I bought one from Amazon and it was the wrong colour, sent it back to get a replacement only for it to apparently get lost in the mail. When I contacted the seller they said they never even send out a skirt. At the time of writing, they haven’t gotten back to me or returned my money, so I am still a bit miffed.

I had to buy a more expensive replacement from eBay. It was supposed to be here three days ago but still, at the time of writing has not arrived. I swear this cosplay is cursed or something.

Even now I am bursting with excitement and a bundle of nerves.

I am a Trekkie myself, and while my heart does belong to TOS Q is one of my favourite characters so of course, I freaked out when I heard that the one and only John de Lancie was a special guest this year. I am hoping to meet him but since I am skint until tomorrow I think I will just have to risk it and try to get a slot on the day.

If you yourself are going on Saturday and bump into us please say hi! I will be bringing along some lollipops and giving them out!

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