Page Turner: DM for Murder

I was a bit unsure about writing these book discussions so often but after getting the green light I decided to just go for it.

These will tend to be shorter than my average posts and I promise I will never spoil any of the books. With that being said,

One of the few perks of having a book clear out is stumbling on a book you totally forgot you bought ages ago.

DM For Murder is a Mystery Thriller written by Matt Bendoris first published in 2015. So I suspect I’ve had this book for a few years.

ezgif-4174298726Bryce Horrigan, a Scotsman who made it big in the USA was living the high life. Well, that is until he got shot.

What makes his death even more dramatic is his twitter account seems to be hacked by his killer, tweeting out photos of his murder and taunting the local police force. On top of that over his career, he had received thousands of death threats.

Detective Sorrell of the Baltimore Police Department has his hands full with this case. Across the pond in Glasgow, the Journalist Conner Presley begins to report the death of his old friend.

Something I really liked about DM For Murder is how short the chapters are. Each chapter is around three or four pages long, sometimes shorter but rarely longer. In each chapter the perspective switches to another character. Normally I am not a fan of this but since the chapters are so short it works really well.

The tricky thing about writing about a current topic such as in this case social media is that it can get dated in the blink of an eye. Like I mentioned this was published in 2015 and outside of a One Direction reference it has held up well.

Also, I like reading stories set in places I’ve been since it gives me a point of reference. So reading one partly set in my hometown was great.

5c4c5a941f9bfcb8eadd910a7b050061Once I started reading I struggled to put it down. With each chapter someone new became intangled, more info came to light or a new question was asked.

It’s a fairly short book I ended up finishing in about a week. Whether that was due to the length of the novel or because I was reading it every chance I got I don’t know. I will admit that I even started reading it on my walk to work.

I know it’s a rather dumb thing to do but I couldn’t help myself. It’s a long walk anyway.

If you are looking for a punchy, witty and thrilling read, add DM For Murder to your reading list!

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