Hopes and Fears: Disenchantment Season 2

Only five days to go!

If you haven’t watched Disenchantment yet, stop reading right now and do so. Not just to avoid spoilers but it is a great show. Now is the perfect time to catch up, so do so!

As someone who adored season one, that final episode was like a kick to the gut. Not just because of the twists, the reveals and poor Elfo but also since it would be ages before we could return to Dreamland.

Now after a year, the story will continue soon.

As excited as I am, I will admit I am a bit nervous since there will be only ten episodes again like last time. I just hope this season will not leave us with more questions asked but few answered.

giphyFor instance, we can guess that the two priest-like characters that sent Luci and watch over Bean are aligned with her mother, but outside of some prophecy what role do they play?

Also, we see Queen Oona fighting. So chances are we will find out exactly she fits in since she seemed to have some kind of agreement with Odval. Is she out for herself or is she on Dreamland’s side?

Even as a fan, I will admit I found the first couple of episodes to be rather weak compared to the rest of the show. I hope this time since the world and characters have already been established we can just jump right into the action instead of dawdling about for a bit.

This might be the shortest Hopes and Fears I have written simply because, well I have pretty grounded expectations this time around. Honestly, I’m just looking forward to it as it does seem like it will be more of the same and since I loved it last time, chances are I’ll like round two just as much.

That and I have been burned a few times for getting my hopes way too high only for it to seriously let me down. It’s better to hope for mediocrity and be surprised rather than expect a masterpiece only to receive a fingerpainting.

They have already confirmed that Disenchantment will have four ten-episode seasons. I understand the logic behind it but I would rather have two twenty episode seasons instead. That might just be me though.

Five days feels like such a long time to wait, but hey I’ve waited a year I guess I could handle less than a week. I’m going to binge-watch the show again, I encourage you to do the same.


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