Confessions of a Dungeon Rookie

According to my dear Dungeon Master, Thomas, I have already made a terrible mistake as a DM.

I have shown weakness by admitting I’m nervous about my role.

However, now with three sessions under my belt, I feel like I’m starting to get a hand on the basics. I’m no Matt Mercer or Thomas (if you want me to stop praising you, stop being such an awesome bloke!) by any stretch but I am getting better with time.

tenor (1)I’ve even taken to reading up on the rules from my Dungeon Masters Guide when I have a few moments.

Without a doubt, my biggest weakness would be the fact I can’t do any voices. All I really know is kinda English and kinda Southern Belle. Not for lack of practice mind. I have been watching a lot of tutorials online and practicing.

I must look crazy as I sit alone repeating phrases over and over again.

As for my current campaign, so far it is going well. At least I think it is. I asked if my players had fun and thought I did alright. They said they did and told me I did fine but they are super sweet so even if I really messed up I’m sure they would have said they liked it anyway.

I am worried I rushed the character moments in the last session but I wanted the guys to have some proper combat since the session prior was mostly RP. I need to try to find the balance.

I may have been a bit too enthusiastic with the big bad fight though. 18 Koa-toa was probably too much so I nerfed it a bit during the fight. Being honest I defanged the fight quite a bit. However, it ended well and I came up with a fun idea for the finale that they seemed to like.

As I was closing the session I decided to mess with them a bit, giving a slight hint to the next threat to the party. Well, one of them. Let’s just say I’ve had a bit too much fun crafting this story that will really mess with them.

I’m super torn as on one hand I want to tell them all about the plot I’ve written and all the horrors they will face, yet I also don’t want them to know a single thing. A bit slipped out but, Burning Maggots if you are reading this, there is far darker stuff hidden behind that screen.

tenor (2).gif

Side note, why did no one warn me that being a DM is bloody expensive? I felt that if I was going to be a proper DM I would need a screen, Dungeon Masters Guide and Monster Manual which in total cost me around £66. That might not sound like too much but bear in mind I am a frequently broke part-time worker, that is a lot for me!

Annoyingly, a few days after getting my Guide my DM offered me his since he got a new one. Oh well, I thought it was nice of him anyway.

Now, if you would excuse me, I have a world to finish building.

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