Blogger Burnout

I’m pretty sure that I have mentioned this before in another ramble but I really want to talk about blogger burnout.

1_A61xq_N0HzGIQo_w2V0WFgI feel the need to point out from the get-go that I love writing for this blog. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t continue to do so.

I say this quite often but since it is true it does bear repeating, this blog is my pride and joy. While this might get a bit negative please don’t get the wrong impression, I enjoy doing this.

However, with everything in life, there are a few less than wonderful elements of blogging.

There are some days when I sit down to write, armed with a cup of tea ready and raring to go but as soon as I try to start typing… nothing. I can’t think of anything to write.

Now I have a proud streak when it comes to Nerd Rambles. You see, since starting this blog back in 2016 I have never missed a single deadline. Thing is, I can’t bring myself to break this record.

Sometimes this isn’t an issue because I often (or at least try to) write posts a few days in advance. Or I get hit with inspiration and write several in a couple of days.

However, this isn’t always the case due to work or personal reasons I run out of time. So I either wake up early to try to finish a post or even stay up all night to make sure I have something, at least half a post before I have to leave for work.

In fairness, I barely sleep anyway. I often run on three or four hours of sleep, six if I’m lucky.


I sometimes ask friends and fellow bloggers for ideas but I try to limit doing so as I don’t want to bug them.

Recently I have had more shifts than usual, a fair amount of family drama/health and some shall we say issues at work so I have had little time to myself. Still, I tried to keep up with Nerd Rambles as I couldn’t bear to kill the streak.

I have been told by other bloggers that it is fine to step away from your blog when things like this happen but I can’t bring myself to do so, even though I know that it is now starting to impact my already troubling mental health.

I hate to say this but some days it feels more like a chore to write rather than my passion and I really don’t like how frequent that line of thinking is popping into my head.

This mindset isn’t my norm, but mild burnout pops up every now and then especially when everything else in my life is going pear-shaped.

Don’t worry though, things on the horizon are looking promising. I think this bad spell will pass soon.


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