Top Five Funniest Anime

Here in Scotland, the Edinburgh fringe festival is back. A comedy event that is known nationwide.

From the 2nd of August to 26th some of the words funniest folk will flock to Edinburgh to spread laughter. On top of that their area a bunch of plays and musical talent on display. It’s a grand time as the streets become home to a wide array of performers on top of all the shows.

And I don’t have the time nor money to go.

So, in honour of the funniest festival around. Here are my picks for the top five funniest anime!



Sibling dynamics often lead to some funny moments, well Osomatsu-San times the family shenanigans by six.

The sextuplets despite having identical faces could not be more different even if they tried. Being brothers of course they fight and get under each other’s skin but these lads seem to have an uncanny talent for getting themselves into some rather bizarre situations.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

0e9d828e88b41dd819d9575b4a6a0f27I normally hate romcoms, especially the ones that do the whole ‘will they, won’t they?’ song and dance.

However, I have found the exception to that rule.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is a cute romantic comedy filled with wit, mind games and attempts at manipulation since while the pair are in love with each other, they see confessing as a sign of weakness.

so they are both trying to get each other to confess instead!

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.


Being a teenager is hard enough, being a teen with godlike powers might not sound too bad but considering our hero just wants to live a boring quiet life those powers are unwanted gifts.

Despite his attempts to stay out of the spotlight and alone he keeps getting dragged into the chaos by his friends. Having to use his powers to hide his powers, if that makes sense, and reluctantly doing the right thing.

Not only is the premise funny enough but the side cast are hilarious in their own right and the anime takes full advantage of the lead’s powers.

Pop Team Epic


How could I make a list of funny anime without this title, which is pretty much pop culture and memes the anime?

Mini fireball Popuko and tall cool Pipimi are two high school girls and best friends. Their personalities complement each other perfectly leading to comedy gold.

Asobi Asobase


Do not be fooled by the three leads being cute schoolgirls, these girls have more going on than first appears.

Olivia, Hanako Honda and Kasumi Nomura are the Pastime Club. An unofficial club that is basically their excuse to try out anything that seems to be amusing. Their interesting bond and personalities are hysterical to watch on top of their somewhat questionable antics.

What comedy anime do you laugh the hardest at? Let me know!

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