Page Turner: This Is Going to Hurt

You will never be able to look at a kinder egg the same way ever again after reading this book. Warning you now.

Here in Scotland and the rest of the UK we have the National Health Service or as it is more commonly called, the NHS. The NHS is an incredible thing, saving and prolonging lives every day, from the cradle to the grave as William Beveridge, one of the founders said.

818FMhFmcYLHowever, it is underfunded, constantly facing cuts and the doctors who dedicate their lives to save ours get underpaid and overworked. On top of that, the fate of this beloved service is in danger with talks of privatization. It’s been on the news year after year for ages now. It’s old news.

I thought I had a decent idea about what goes on behind those clinical doors. After reading Adam Kay’s accounts, I now see just how wrong I was.

Adam Kay worked as a junior doctor for six years. After years of overworking and one heart-wrenching incident, he hung up his coat.

During his career, he kept a few diaries recording the colourful characters and some of the weirder reasons folks end up in A&E. To get the word out of what it is truly like in the wards he decided to publish his story.

While it does get really serious and rather upsetting, for the most part, this book is very comical. Kay’s casual writing style works wonders with his deadpan humour.

‘Apricot stones contain cyanide,’ he replies drily. ‘The death cap mushroom has a fifty per cent fatality rate. Natural does not equal safe. There’s a plant in my garden where if you simply sat under it for ten minutes then you’d be dead.’ Job done: she bins the tablets. I ask him about that plant over a colonoscopy later. ‘Water lily.’
― Adam Kay, This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor


There is one story in particular, the kinder egg one that seems to be the most infamous.

I will not share it here as it is a bit graphic and honestly unless I directly quote the tale I can’t do it justice like Kay.

Even if you aren’t planning on reading this book, look up that story. Trust me.

I keep ranting on and on about this book to anyone who will listen. I shared it with my best friend, my D&D party and even my co-workers. In fact, after raving about it to one of my managers I found a copy in the office.

This Is Going to Hurt is a brutally honest book that does not sugar coat anything and at the same time when recounting more pleasant or humorous stories, you can almost feel his joy or sarcastic annoyance. 

Trust him, he used to be a doctor. 

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