[OWLS July Blog Tour] Final Friendly Frontier

Oh, here she goes again, writing about being autistic.

Sorry, I really hope I don’t sound like a broken record but my best friend Shiloh helped me with this month’s tour as I had no idea what to write. So, as usual, I asked her for advice and we brainstormed together.

That was when it hit us. Final Fantasy XIV.


As an autistic person, I find it a lot easier to communicate with others with tech such as online messaging rather than face to face. I think I can get my point across better with the written word rather than verbally since I can reread what I’m about to send beforehand and it is more comfortable for me.

I struggle to make real-life friends but online is a whole other story. It’s the same for Shiloh. The pair of us really benefit from interacting with folk online.

One thing in particular we love is a certain game called Final Fantasy XIV which is an MMORPG. In fact, Shiloh was the one who introduced me to the game.

Shiloh is a high ranking officer in the Free Company we are both apart of. She was the one who invited me to join. In the game, Free Companies are a group of players that band together. We even have a house we all share together!

The community is a rather welcoming and chill one, at least I have never had a bad experience with any other players in my three years or so of playing.

tenor (2)The only slightly weird thing I’ve encountered was someone who kept calling my character cute and then started a trade, gave me bubble chocolate then ran off.

Through our FC, Eikonic, I have made some awesome friends from all over the place. Not only are they fun people to chat and share memes with but they are also super helpful.

If I ever get stuck in the game (which is fairly often, not going to lie) someone will help me out as soon as they can.

Our friendship isn’t just contained in the digital world though. Back in the earlier days of the FC, our friend Simon told us we were coming to Scotland for a spell. We jumped at the chance to hang out and that week we did as much as we could together, I got to meet some of the others and they were all just as lovely as they in Eorzia.

From raids to dungeons, levelling and even watching the live letters together over voice chat we do a lot together. I’m part of a team, if not a community.

None of this would have been possible without Final Fantasy XIV.

Hope you enjoyed this entry in the tour! If you haven’t yet, you should read Matt’s entry Boruto – Technology, the tools of hope and remember to check out Auri’s post tomorrow over at MANGA TORITSUKARERU KOTO!

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  1. It reminds me of my own experience in guild wars 2. I was a quite, shy dude. It all changed when I joined a guild that I really enjoyed being apart of. However, this is where I differ, most of the ppl didn’t stick around. I was alone even being in various guilds. Every thing I accomplished in open world pve, I did it by myself. Friendless and guild less 6 yrs ago. 6 yrs later friendless and guild less. Only a wiser and competent player

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