Level 23 and Cornwall

After two weeks in Cornwall, yesterday I returned home and tomorrow I turn 23.

I have mentioned this before but I am a really pale girl and every year I get burnt on my holiday. This year was a new record as I ended up burning myself on the first full day!

I’m still suffering from a few burns even now. I swear the sun is out to get me.


Being honest, I think I suffered from minor gaming withdrawal since I didn’t have my Gaming PC or PS4. All I had was my old 3DS since the family laptop I used to write up my rambles wasn’t able to run even the most simple of games. Needless to say, I am glad to be back if only because now I can finally play Shadowbringers and see my friends again.

I have been to Cornwall for four years now. This year I had my fair share of cream teas and added a few new loose leaf teas to my overgrowing collection. I think I might have a problem, My bedside table has a storage space and two drawers, all filled with different kinds of tea now.

I also found some new shops, my favourite one is called Happy Piranha. It’s a nerd shop that not only sells regular nerdy goodness but coffee inspired by pop culture as well as their own candles they make on location based on video games, tv shows and movies. Might have gone a bit overboard there, but if you saw the candles, or better get got a whiff of them, you would understand.

tumblr_bf67cd64ff60ba41f6b1f6b4eb2b5050_0c392f72_400I’m not really planning on doing anything special for my birthday outside of lunch with my family. Honestly, I am more excited about the afternoon since it’s going to be the first D&D session in two weeks.

Also, my Dungeon Master had my darling Autumn be dragged away back home via mind control tuning fork thing in the last session I played. Needless to say, I am keen to get back into the fray even though I will be playing as her girlfriend until we save her.

I don’t tend to get a lot of gifts as apparently, according to my family, I am hard to buy for. I disagree but I am not complaining as they normally give me some cash or gift vouchers to GAME or Waterstones which is just fine by me.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has continued to support this little blog. Even if you only read my content every once in a while or read each one as soon as I hit the publish button, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much!

Nerd Rambles is still evolving and I am glad about how it is turning out. Each like and comment help to boost my confidence in my craft. Seriously, I could not do with without you wonderful readers!


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