Confessions of a Writer

Back when I was a young girl I loved writing short stories and creating characters. I used to imagine what kind of adventures they would get into, doodle their cool gizmos and gadgets and often put myself in their fictional shoes.

As a teen, I would start writing stories but never finished them. I would work for about a month devotedly on a new story but often before the middle of the following month, it would have been scrapped for a fresher idea.

However, there was always one story that stuck with me to this day.

tenor.gifSo, a few months ago I decided that there wasn’t any point in thinking about this story and not at least jotting it down. As I started noting down the rough ideas I had floating around in my head it was like a spark had been lit.

Little notes became rough drafts for scenes, character concepts became fleshed out profiles and this silly idea developed into a story with a lot of potential.

The flame grew brighter after meeting a published authour through my college project and chatting with a fellow writer in my class.

Do I think this tale will ever be published? Nope, but that does not mean I am going stop now that I had taken my first steps down this path. I will see this journey to the end.

Since making this solemn oath I have been researching and rewriting like a woman possessed. A third of the said research is writing advice and how to properly structure stories.

The rest is, well, about cults.

Since the tale revolves around cults and deprogrammers. I want to make sure I create a realistic cult. So my search history contains the likes of how cults control people to real cults and the atrocities they have committed.

From books to podcasts, scholarly websites to interviews by ex-members on YouTube most of my free time has been claimed by cultists and those who study them.

I am certain I am on some sort of Government watchlist thanks to my dedication to my craft.


I have three different notebooks for this project. I carry the smallest one around with me everywhere just in case I get struck with a new idea while I’m out and about as well as to log key info and facts in brief notes.

The second is for detailed notes, profiles and so on. This one has more of the technical parts of the story writing process like the timeline and the plot outline. This notebook is bursting with details compared to the minimalist one I carry with me.

Finally the third is the home of the drafts. This book is special to me since after each rewrite I can see the story improve with each correction. I wanted the draft book to look somewhat cultlike so I was over the moon when I found the perfect one. It is black with golden access and the pages look gold when the book is closed.

All three notebooks are set up like Bullet Journals to try to organize my thoughts and ideas in a better way than just scribbling them down randomly. So far it has proved to be a wise move.

This project has reignited my dormant passion for creative writing. Don’t get me wrong I love writing for Nerd Rambles but it is fun getting to write fictional stories again.

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