Steam Powered: Celeste

One of the downsides to being a PC gamer is sometimes for one reason or another the game you just bought doesn’t work with your system. This has happened to me a few times.

Celeste originally was one of these games and I am proud to report that it is the first game I was able to fix!

thRDZ8PJYO Celeste follows a young girl called Madeline as she makes the perilous climb up the Celeste Mountain. During the ascent, Madeline meets several charming characters and finds herself. Or at least, someone who looks a bit like her.

Celeste also touches on the topic of Mental Health and panic attacks. I don’t want to spoil it here but it is done very well.

Celeste is a platformer and a tricky one at that. As someone who rarely plays platformers, I really struggled to progress. Thankfully there is an Assist Mode which gives you several options to make the game easier.

I would try each level multiple times and if I felt I really struggling I would flip on Assist Mode. I normally get really upset when I die in the same spot repeatedly in games but Celeste is different. Maybe it’s the overall vibe of the game or the little reminders that each death is a lesson.

It is so satisfying when I finally got over the tricky parts by myself but sometimes I did need a little help.

There are two different styles used, a 16-bit design for the majority of the game but also cute detailed art during the dialogue an, selfies and chapter ends. The use of colour is brilliant and each location you visit is distinct not only with different challenges but also visually. My favourite location has to be The Golden Ridge.


My favourite element of Celeste has to be the music. I even bought the soundtrack as a DLC and listen to it often. I even listened to it as I wrote this! I am a sucker for piano music and 8-bit style music so of course, I fell in love with this soundtrack on the first listen.

Celeste has to be the most charming game I have played in quite some time.

If you have not played Celeste yet, I have good news. It is currently one of the games in the Steam Summer Sale for 40% off so it’s £8.99 instead of the usual £14.99 until the 9th of July. Do yourself a favour and grab it during the sale!

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  1. I absolutely adore this game and as someone who suffers from severe social anxiety, the story and challenges you have to overcome really spoke to me on a personal level and allowed me to reflect on my own issues.

    It’s a powerful game and something everyone should play. And it’s fun and challenging too!

    Music is kickass as well! Level 7’s B-Side music is a personal favourite of mine.

    Glad you enjoyed the game!

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