Top Six Podcasts

This is a continuation of sorts. I wrote a similar list back in 2017 but since I will be doing a fair amount of travelling and have since discovered some new podcasts I felt like now is a good time to do a part two.

Without further ado, here are my Top Six Podcasts that I am currently listening to.

The Adventure Zone

220px-The_Adventure_Zone_Podcast_CoverI will never apologize nor stop ranting on and on about this podcast.

However, I will keep this entry brief to avoid repeating myself you want to read my full thoughts on this podcast, here you go!

I finished the Balance Arc last month and cried no less than three times on the final episode. Yeah, I’m a sap.

Currently, I’m listening to the Amnesty Arc and I am already loving it just as much as I enjoyed Balance. Which if I am being honest I didn’t expect to like this Arc as much since it is a complete departure from Balance.

However, just like Balance Griffin McElroy is a superb story weaver and the rest of the McElroy’s bring their A-game to every episode.

Reading Glasses

ReadingGlasses-PodcastSquareLogoIf you are looking for a new book to read, or just listen to two witty women ramble on about books then might I suggest Reading Glasses.

Hosts Mallory O’Meara and Brea Grant answer recommendation requests, help solve bookish problems and interview authours.

It is basically like hanging out with fellow bookworms wherever you go!

Mallory and Brea have such infectious passion about reading that it is nearly impossible not to get caught up in their shared joy.

Death in the Afternoon

FINALDITAOne of my favourite YouTubers Caitlin Doughty, also known as Ask A Mortician not only has two books out and a third on the way but also a podcast!

With her co-hosts, Louise Hung, and Sarah Chavez Caitlin debunks death myths, tell tales that may be all but forgotten and encourages her audience to be more open about talking about death.

Despite the title and subject matter, Death in the Afternoon is, for the most part, a nice easy listen and they do give you a heads up for the more, let’s say upsetting topics.

Needless to say, I also recommend her YouTube channel as well, give both of them a try.


Sawbones-logo-final_91Want to know what horrible things we used to do to each other in the name of health? Then this is the podcast for you.

Every Friday Dr Sydnee McElroy and her husband  Justin McElroy take us on a tour through history to teach us about the dangerous and stupid things that counted as proper medical practice in years gone by.  They often debunk misinformation as well, both old and new.

Again, like Death in the Afternoon on paper Sawbones sounds like pretty heavy subject matters and sometimes it is but most of it is delivered in a rather light-hearted manner and they also include trigger warnings.

Judge John Hodgman

220px-Judge_John_Hodgman_logo_(since_2013)Ever wanted to settle an argument in court? Nothing about money or property rights but rather which one of you is right about the pronunciation of your family name or something like that?

Then enter the courtroom of Judge John Hodgman.

Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn listen to the guests, question them then make the final judgement and sentence.

A simple and fun podcast that often has a lot of sweet moments. Plus considering the nature of this podcasts no two episodes are the same.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

220px-My_Brother,_My_Brother_and_Me_logoThis podcast is pure joy to listen to.

The three McElroy brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin team up to give wise advice.


A lot of the show is the three just having a good old carry on while answering queries they find online.

You have probably noticed that most of these entries involve the McElroy’s. I am a huge fan of all of them and I could have easily made this list with just the podcasts they are involved with but tried to limit myself. My Brother, My Brother and Me is my second favourite of the McElroy’s podcasts, with the top spot obviously belonging to The Adventure Zone.

I hope you liked this list, what podcasts areyou listeningg to? Let me know!

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