Summer Reading List

For me, there are two special times of the year where I finally get some real reading done. Summer and Winter.

This is mostly because I have a lot more free time from college or school and I tend to be in a more relaxed state of mind.

I’m going on Holiday soon but unfortunately, I can only take two books with me since we don’t have a lot of room. Knowing me though I will probably buy more while I’m down there to add to my growing library. Besides, I’ll have plenty of time to read when I get back anyway.

So, here is my Summer Reading List for this year.

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata.

I am two chapters in and already love it. I burst out laughing reading it which is something I rarely do. When I got told about the book limit I knew I had to take this one on Holiday.

Keiko loves her job in a convenience store, a task many may deem mind-numbing but she is in her element. She is uninterested in marriage or finding a different job but when her hand is forced, she finds an unorthodox solution.


The Lady from the Black Lagoon by Mallory O’Meara.

As someone who hopes to work in the Creative Industries, namely filmmaking I have recently been reading about the art of film and those who make them.

The Lady from the Black Lagoon is about not only the creator of The Creature from the Black Lagoon Milicent Patrick but also one of Disney’s first female animators. However, her work was claimed to be the work of someone else.

O’Meara proves once and for all that the creature is one of Patrick’s creations and talks about the incredible woman.

The Iron Wyrm Affair by Lilith Saintcrow.

In the Victorian London fog, someone is killing their best and brightest minds.

Sorceress Emma Bannon and possible target and genius Archibald Clare end up working together to catch this killer.

Think classic Sherlock Holmes with sorcery.

Humans, A Brief History of How We Fucked It All Up by Tom Phillips.

I’ll be honest, I totally bought this because of the title.

Well, that isn’t the whole truth, the title caught my eye which then lead me to check the book out and it seems like an interesting read. It is all about all the ways we have screwed up.

Mindhunter by John Douglas & Mark Olshaker.

If you like true crime, chances are you have already heard of this book. It got made into a popular Netflix show as well.

Which I never saw since I was given this book for Christmas but never got around to reading it. I plan to correct that this summer.

It is an account of FBI special agent John Douglas on how he established the practice of criminal profiling.


A Very British Murder by Lucy Worsley.

Funnily enough, the second true crime book is also another one I have been meaning to read for a while.

Historian Lucy Worsley discusses the fascination the British public has with ‘a good murder’ and killers. Not only in the world of fiction but journalism and the crimes that catch creators imagination.

Crusade + Other Stories by various authours.

Last month I got into Warhammer, in particular, Warhammer 40,000. On my first day in the shop painting and chatting with all the awesome folk in there I was encouraged to read this book as it gives a good introduction into the lore of the game and universe.

The main story is Crusade, which follows two warring factions. The Primaris Space Marines get caught a warp storm and winds up to a plague-ridden place controlled by the Death Guard.

On top of that, there are no less than twelve short stories.

Little side note, there are so many Warhammer books in their Black Libary it’s both daunting and very impressive.

Storm Front by Jim Butcher.

Noir, Magic and Mystery? Sign me up!

Harry Dresden is a P.I. with a special trick up his sleeve, namely magic. The police turn to him when a case comes up that appears to be impossible by normal standards. The mage behind it now knows he is on the case.

A battle of wits and magic ensues.

Hope you like this list! What are you reading this summer?

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