Achievement Unlocked: Passed College

I’m trying to learn how to custom make my own headers. What do y’all think?

As the title states, I passed my College Course!

I mentioned good news in my last ramble and this was it. I received an email notifying me that my grade was now available. I was so nervous I was shaking so badly I nearly dropped my phone as I opened the file.

I passed! On top of that, I got an overall B! I was ecstatic and I’m still buzzing about it, telling everyone I can and rambling on and on about it. If you are one of those I held verbally hostage about this subject, sorry!


The best part is the grade my film got. It got an A! I will be honest and say I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it and being brutally honest I didn’t think it would get a B, let alone an A compared to the rest of the classes amazing films.

When I read through the breakdown of marks, Narrative got 10/10 and praises for the poem narration that I wrote. I was beaming for hours thanks to that alone.

The thing about my course is that it is separated into the first year, HNC and second year, HND. Only a select amount of students are offered a place into the second year after the first year. At the time of writing, I haven’t received anything about being accepted or denied into the prestigious second year but I am cautiously hopeful.

If I don’t get in, my folks will be livid at me but I did my best, worked harder than I ever have before and pushed myself almost to breaking point. Again I am hopeful but I am preparing myself for that horrific blow if I don’t get in.

Hope for the best but expect the worst, you know?

Anyway, either I’ll get in and be back in classes in a few months or I won’t so I have a fair amount of free time now to catch up on reading and playing games. I think it’s time for me to rest up a bit.




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