[OWLS June Blog Tour] An Open Blog

Not sure if that pun works. Oh well, I like it so I’m keeping it!

When it comes to these Tours I tend to either spend days trying to come up with an interesting angle on the prompt or I get stuck with an idea faster than Zeuz’s lighting blot seconds after reading it.

Thankfully this month it is the later as I am the first one!

When I think of vulnerability, two versions pop into my head. It can be a weakness of course but more often I see it as a strength. When folks show vulnerability by opening up about their pain whether it’s in their past or struggles they are currently fighting they can help others heal and remind them that they are not alone.

Which, in a way is what we here at OWLS do.

I myself have discussed some of my mental health issues as well as living with Autism. Crimson and I even worked together to write a few posts for Mental Health Month. Each time I have discussed these topics I received so many kind and supportive comments.

Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones suffering or at least suffering the way we are. By talking about our issues we are not only raising awareness of said issues but we are reminding others that “Hey, you are not alone” which in a small way supports strangers online.


By sharing experiences we can give others advice and support within the blogging community, if not the online community.

It might not sound like much, but the more bloggers write about this, the more voices we have. The more voices we have, the more powerful our shouts of support are. The more we shout, the more our support can be heard by those who need it.

I have mentioned this before but it does bear repeating. Unless you are posting objective reports or reviews exclusively, with each post you are putting more of yourself out there. Even if you aren’t writing something hyper-personal you are still sharing your thoughts and opinions. Blogging is personal, it’s just the nature of the beast.

This vulnerability can be used against us. I have received several nasty comments in my years of blogging and while I would be lying if I said that they didn’t hurt, but I shrug them off. Again, it is the nature of the beast. It is to be expected after all.

However, I will take a fair about of hateful words if I can help one person feel better. I can’t do a lot to help, hell I can barely help myself, but writing and showing vulnerability? That I can do, so I shall continue to.

Be sure to check out the next blogger on the tour, Crimson over at Read at Night!

5 thoughts on “[OWLS June Blog Tour] An Open Blog

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  1. I absolutely love this post! This was the perfect way to kick off this month’s blog tour! Blogging is about sharing, whether it be our lives, our hobbies, our successes, or our failures… it’s important that we tell our own stories.

    There’s always this moment just before I hit the publish button where it feels like I’m about to take a dive off of a diving board, because each review and every post is a little piece of me.

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