Steam Powered: Party Hard 2

Thanks to the Steam Spring Clean Event I finally got around to playing a couple of games that have been collecting digital dust on my Steam library shelves.

One of them is the subject of this very late post (sorry lads, been really off today) Party Hard 2.

Yeah, my bad habit of grabbing games on sale but never playing them is still alive and well. The same can’t be said for the hapless NPCs who cross paths with the Party Killer in Party Hard 2.

Party Hard 2 is an indie strategy game made by Kverta, Hologryph and Pinokl Games published by tinyBuild. It was released back in October last year but again, I only just got around to playing it.

Following the event’s of Party Hard, the Party Killer is now back and out for revenge and redemption.

I loved Party Hard, I even wrote about it a while back. So I went in with pretty high expectations. So far, I’m about halfway through story-wise, I am really enjoying this sequel.

This time around instead of just killing everyone at the party, there are other options such as only killing select targets but in doing so you have more objectives to complete in order to progress. How you clear each level may impact the game down the road with certain unlockables.

There are even craftable items and Party Vision as well as new methods of silencing partygoers such as a multi-kill ability.

For me, part of the fun is testing out different techniques of dispatching targets. I like replaying levels and playing around with other options. Some I even discovered by accident.

The story was rather simple in the first game but with a rather big twist that I didn’t see coming. Maybe that might just be me not picking up on the hints but it was an interesting ride.

Like the previous game, most of the cut scenes are of an interview discussing the killer but right from the get-go, it seems like we are in for a different kind of story. Namely, the killer might not be the evilest character in the game.

While I did like the original look of the first game, I do prefer the more 3D feel as it really makes the graphics pop. Plus the new tracks for the OST are great.


Overall, keep in mind I am still playing it, Party Hard 2 still retains a lot of the charm and personality that made me fall for the first game but also brings more to the table. It’s challenging and can be a bit infuriating at times, but that is probably me being bad at it rather than any fault on the game itself.

If you liked the first one or games like Hotline Miami then I recommend you join the party, but if you see a bloke with a mask, run!

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