Student Stress

Part two of the Mental Health Month Project. Heads up, this one is not going to be as positive as the last.

College is a painful yet rewarding experience. For the most part, I have really enjoyed studying this year, making friends and learning new skills. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the stress overpowers the few successes.

This is my second time studying at college. In fact, this very blog was born from a class assignment from my time at the original college. Outside of the friends I made, this little website is the best thing to come out of that college. Let’s just say I don’t have a lot of nice things to say and if you can’t say anything nice, you know the drill.

This time around is far more stressful for me since I ended up losing my chance for University because my graded unit mark was too low. I need to redeem myself. I simply can’t afford to fail again. To this day I still get reminded of my failure.

Mostly from my dad as he casts it up on a near daily basis which adds to the stress pressure. Am I taking a break? he brings it up. Am I going to Shiloh’s or D&D? he brings it up. Am I panicking about getting coursework done before work? he brings it up. Thanks, dad!

giphy (10)

On top of that, this course is far more intense than the last as we need to learn so many new skills, have more tests and overall have way more work to do. About half of which is practical filming, lighting or recording. Don’t even get me started on the mountains of paperwork!

I often end up burning the midnight oil to try to get everything done. This often leaves me so burnt out to the point that I don’t feel anything for a bit afterwards.

I’ll talk about this more in the next article but I have these days that I call my ‘Empty’ days because well, that’s how I feel. Or rather, what I don’t feel. On these days in the back of my head, I know how I should feel or react but I just don’t. It’s like there is nothing inside me, no soul or spirit. All that is left is an empty husk.

Empty days aren’t always brought on by stress, sometimes they are but somedays I just wake up Empty for no reason.

On Friday I was editing my short film and it just seemed to get worse the more I edited it. The longer I watched the footage, the more I grew to hate it. It got to the point that I finally made a 12-second stop-motion style transition shot and I was so happy I finally made something good I nearly broke down in tears right then and there, happily muttering “it worked” over and over again while trying not to let any tears spill.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday I ended up talking to one of my managers at work who gave me some advice and recommends I talk to the store manager about getting my hours cut. I had considered it before but frankly, I can’t. I really need the money as I am paying my own way and last time I told my parents I was thinking about cutting my hours they kinda scoffed at the idea.

tumblr_inline_n2i4krDuZr1sn7veaI think they see it as me admitting defeat. After all, both they and my sister managed to work part-time when they studied, on top of that they worked longer hours.

I am the least successful member of my entire family, they don’t realise how often they absent-mindedly remind me of that fact.

They keep pushing me, telling me that I’m better than I know I am. Maybe they are right, or maybe they just refuse to acknowledge their daughter isn’t as good as they want her to be.

If I fail to get into the second year, I honestly fear my family will not exactly disown me but not far off that. I need to pull this off, but I can’t ask for help. I am really struggling and my friends do help, either with the coursework or even just emotionally support me but I am actively trying to hide my true feelings from my family.

I can’t let them down, not again.

So I pull all-nighters, forgo my mental health and physical health to try to make this work. I just hope I can keep this up as pushing myself like this is really starting to take a toll.

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  1. Please be kind to yourself. I know itโ€™s hard, but you can only do your best. I have a post on exam stress if that helps at all? Iโ€™m a perfectionist who NEEDED to get the best grades (Iโ€™m not yet at uni because of mental health) and I know the toll it can take ๐Ÿ˜ž

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  2. It’s funny, they say that family is always your support system but usually they’re the ones to hurt you the most (purposefully or without realizing). it sounds like you’re taking some video making classes and if the video from the last post is anything to go by, i think you’re doing great! so i know you can do it ๐Ÿ™‚ make sure to take care of yourself! I wish I could say to cut your hours, but i know it can be tough paying for classes. are there other options? like financial aid or scholarships that you can get? don’t overwork yourself :<

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement! Unfortunately there isn’t any aid I qualify for, even then my folks probably wouldn’t let me. I’m nearing the end of my course so I’ll be able to take a mental health break soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Reblogged this on Read at Night and commented:
    And we’re back with another โ€œLetโ€™s Talk About Mental Healthโ€ post with Megan from Nerd Rambles!

    In this post, Megan talks about stress and school, which is a super relatable topic (unfortunately). Many times we see bloggers take long breaks to focus on school but it’s not just getting coursework done that really burns people out in the long run. Honestly, I wish this problem was addressed more properly by schools

    Megan, you’re doing a great job! We’re cheering for you on this side of the world ^^

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