Forgoing Free Comic Book Day

I hope you managed to grab a bunch of free comics yesterday and pick up a deal or two. I wish I could have.

You see, for the first time in three years, I didn’t take part in Free Comic Book Day.

I even put the date down as a holiday from work a month in advance to ensure I had the day off but I couldn’t go. I had two major college deadlines and I’m still suffering from the burnout from them.

It didn’t help that on Friday, the second of the deadlines, I was sick and darting back and forth from the toilet and my computer trying to get everything submitted on time.

Somehow I pulled it off.

I ended up sleeping for most of the day to catch up on the lost hours and trying to start healing.

The aftermath of the deadlines

I was gutted when I realised I wasn’t going to be able to attend. For the last three years, I have gone into town around 5 AM to join the queue, meaning I needed to get up at 2 AM to make the train. The closer the day got, the more apparent it became that it wasn’t possible.

On top of that, I have pretty much stopped reading comics these days. I used to be an avid collector. My old college was almost right next door to my local comic book shop and it would open early on the day class started later, the day after the new comics came in too.

So I would pop in and grab a comic at least once a week, sometimes grabbing a Manga or a few more comics.

That’s another thing, I am pretty skint so I have tried to cut back my spending where possible. I have cancelled subscriptions to streaming services, try to travel as cheaply as possible and always bargain hunt.

It really sucks seeing what I missed out on this year but I think I made the right decision. Besides, there will be other events throughout the year such as Comic Con. Still sucks, though.

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