Dungeons, dos and don’ts

This ramble is dedicated to my friend and fellow OWLS blogger, Crimson.

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for eight months now and while I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination I would like to offer some advice for fresh-faced adventurers.

I might write a follow up taking more in-depth of the mechanics of the game but this is more of a general guide.

So first things first, your character.

Autumn by LissyRaine

Going into the campaign I already had a character more or less, but as I have said before, part of the joy of this game is seeing how your character develops over time. All you really need to get going is the basics such as background, personality and abilities.

Make sure you leave some room for your Dungeon Master to work with in your background. If you do that it gives them the chance to incorporate some great stories for your character.

As long as you know the core of your character and stick with it, you will be good to go but don’t be worry about the changes as that will only help them become more realised characters.

Something I would highly recommend is studying the rules. Keep in mind that not all DMs run campaigns the same way, some stick to the rules like glue, others not so much.

However, reading up on the basics would never hurt. For instance, if you are waiting for a player to show up or even if you have a few spare moments at home, it’s worth reading some of the basics.

Also, If you are starting out don’t feel like you need to get a Players Handbook from day one. I didn’t get mine until I was about four months in, give or take.

I do recommend getting one, especially if you know you are going to stick with the game. It does add to the overall experience, but again it is not necessary. You can find all the information online and on apps like D&DBeyond.

In fact, for any new spellcaster players, there is an awesome YouTube challenge that does an amazing job of teaching the mechanics of spells in a really entertaining way. Zee Bashew‘s Animated Spellbook.

Honestly, the best piece of advice I can give gameplay wise is this, do not hold back.

This game is all about creating a story and letting your imagination run wild. Yes, there is a strong element of strategy involved, especially in the combat but if you don’t allow yourself to really get into playing this character it won’t be as enjoyable.

Please don’t feel self-conscious or worry about acting silly. Not only for you but for your group, as you give them something to bounce off.

Hell, I often find myself practising the voice I use for Autumn when I’m alone and I have recently started a little journal in which I write as her about the campaign. I even made a playlist for her on Spotify!

The last thing, never trusts a smiling DM. That is when you know for a fact something bad is going to happen.

I wish you luck on your adventures!

I think that will do for this one. If y’all liked this then I will write more so please let me know if you would be interested in part two. Also, let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to know!



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  1. I’ve just started playing D&D, been at it for about 4 months now, and it has been a great experience! So much fun, and the community was extremely welcoming. This was a good read, I think when I started I just tried to focus on knowing what to do on my turns!

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