Third times the curse

Short one today, but I did want to briefly talk about this game as it’s something I can’t wait to play when I get more free time.

I would like to blame college for not hearing about this game sooner, but I would be lying. I am terrible for keeping up with indie games, or game news in general if I am being honest.

R. Michalski, the creator behind The Cat Lady and Downfall is back with his latest game, the final one in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy, Lorelai.

tumblr_oqqojs5P6K1thpccco1_r1_250.gifLorelai follows a young girl as she attempts to finally leave her toxic family home behind her, but of course, being the third in this series of phycological thrillers we know it won’t be easy and will be downright disturbing at times.

I have only played The Cat Lady myself and it was such a haunting experience for me. I’m not just talking about the art style although that added so much atmosphere to the game, also not just the themes themselves but how they were handled.

I have been told by folks who have already played Lorelai that to get the most from the game you should play the previous two.

If you haven’t played The Cat Lady or Downfall but consider yourself a fan of phycological horrors and thrillers, you are doing a disservice.


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