Mothers Day Tribute to My Mum

Here in Scotland, it is Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday if you prefer.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my longsuffering mum for all she has done for me over the years.

My mum is one of the most generous and compassionate people you could ever hope to meet. The kind of woman who would go to the ends of the earth if it meant she could help someone. She has a soft spot for babies in particular, anytime there is a sad advert featuring a baby she looks like she is going to cry.

She also loves animals, in particular cats. We have two and they both love her, one even tries to break into her room every night so she can sleep next to her!

That being said if you mess with either my sister or me, you better start running. Mum can be scary when needs be and will not condone or forgive anyone hurting her girls.

SpeedySizzlingAntelopegroundsquirrel-size_restrictedOver the years we have grown apart. We don’t connect over much these days and we barely have time to spend together. One of the few common interests we share is reading, even then our tastes are contradictory.

She doesn’t quite get my interest in games or anime, but understands that they bring me joy so she tolerates it for the most part.

She was actually very happy when I started playing D&D because it meant I was out of the house socialising. She was forced to play by her older brother growing up so she teases me about playing it but is glad I have made more friends.

She does whatever she can to help support my education. Back in high school, she did everything in her power to help me study.

Recently with my Graded Unit, she helped ferry the actors, crew and equipment to the filming location (my grandfather’s house) and even prepared a modest banquet for us consisting of sandwiches, sausages, hummus and cupcakes.

Did I mention she was generous?

The most inspirational part about her is that she works a very stressful job and has had to be involved with some heartbreaking situations yet is still the rock of the family and continues to support me, my dad and my sister.

Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.

Mum, I know that I am not the easiest person to live with and we have some hard times, but despite the hardships, you have always stayed strong for us and always put others before yourself. You are under so much pressure yet you manage to support us. If there were more folk out there that were half as loving as you, this world would be a much better place.

Thank you, mum, for everything. I love you so much, thank you for everything.


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