New Obsession: Resident Evil 4

As I talked about before I have recently become obsessed with the Resident Evil franchise since playing the remake of Resident Evil 2. Prior to that, I had only played a bit of the first and fourth in the series.

I promised myself that once I have finished the most recent entry in the series I’ll finally get around playing Resident Evil 4 as I had only played a little bit prior. However, a few weeks ago after playing 2 for a few hours, I felt like playing something else, which is when I remembered I still had 4 installed and ready to go.

Now I see why almost every Resident Evil fan I have talked to loves this game.

giphy (6)
“Got something you might obsess over, Stranger!”

Quick summary for the uninitiated. Agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent to rescue the President’s daughter Ashley Graham from the clutches of a sinister cult, Los Illuminados. I already had pretty much the entire story spoiled for me online but honestly, that doesn’t bother me or ruin my experience playing it.

At the time of writing, I’m at the beginning of chapter three. I know that doesn’t sound meaningful but considering that I have very little free time I think I have made a decent amount of progress.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. I will admit the camera is a bit off for me but that is probably because I’m not really used to playing older games. I got used to it fairly quickly anyway so it’s far from a dealbreaker.

The combat its pretty fun when you aren’t running around trying to find ammo like I often am. Also, I have found on several occasions that if I don’t cross a certain invisible threshold NPCs will not attack, they will just stand there. I love it when that happened as it gives me the chance to line up a shot.

The best example was when I encountered Dr. Salvado just standing in the distance. Thanks to that I got a great few shots in before I even had to move.

Leon has to be my favourite character in the series. He’s pretty different to his younger, newer counterpart in Resident Evil 2 but still charming, badass and has a few funny moments. I love how in this game he goes through some horrible encounters and just walks it off. Oh yeah, dude turned into a human centipede from hell, no big deal, just part of the daily grind.


I feel somewhat lied to in one aspect. I was told that Ashley was the most annoying NPC since Navi but honestly, I don’t agree. Again I am only at the third chapter so she might get worse but at the moment, I haven’t really had any issue with her. I just keep tossing her in the dumpster, clearing the map then whistle her over.

Her voice is a bit grating but as a retail employee, I have to put up with more annoying folk on a daily basis so her whinging is nothing to me.

I think the reason I have fallen even deeper in love with Resident Evil is thanks in large part to the community. Namely the STARSposting Discord, where I have met the friendliest and funniest folk. I didn’t expect a horror franchise to have such a chill fanbase, not that I am complaining. Shoutout to you guys, you lot are the best!

This game is a classic and I am kicking myself for not playing it sooner but hey, better late than never!




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