Achievement Unlocked: Dungeon Master

Before I begin I have a quick announcement. No, Thomas, I won’t stop saying nice stuff about you. It’s your fault for being an awesome bloke!

Last Monday I bit the bullet and took up the role of Dungeon Master for my D&D party. I wrote about the run-up to the session in the previous ramble Preparing for Adventure.

Me before the session

I was terrified on Monday, I even reread my notes during class over and over again to make sure I was as prepared as possible. I had done a fair about of research on being a DM and sought out advice but still had no clue what to do.

Even when I got to the pub I was still bitting back the panic as I started to set everything up.

As we waited for everyone to arrive and get their characters written down I was getting some serious doubts. Although on the funny side when Thomas showed up he complained about me complementing him in Preparing for Adventure, so my joke about my group not really reading my blog turned out not to be completely true.

Although no one else read it, shame on Y’all!

Jokes aside, despite my fears at first, when we started the session I slowly began to relax but I was still a bit on the nervous side. Before we began everyone tried to reassure me that I would be fine.

My adventure was named You Meddling Kids and was about a group of transfer students settling into the new school then trying to find a missing kid. The party finds that the young boy was kidnapped by a Green Hag and her army of Goblins.

Instantly the party started to pick fights with one another and antagonise the teachers. Honestly, I am not remotely surprised.

SelfishUnhealthyBordercollie-small.gifEasily my favourite moment was when Kieran’s Stoner Drow Druid tried to jump out what he thought was a window but was, in fact, an enchanted wall in front of the whole class.

Said Drow also was tricked by the teacher into believing her classroom was in a separate realm because the door was, according to her “a magic portal”.

The combat portion went better than I expected, I was worried I made it a bit too hard but if anything I made it slightly easier than it should have been.

Even though I was freaking out beforehand I had a lot of fun being DM but I don’t think it’s really for me. I was told I did a decent enough job for a first timer and everyone did have fun so that’s really all that matters. I am glad I gave it a go but I think I am going to stick with being a player.

I might DM another one-shot someday but not anytime soon.

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  1. i’ve been hearing about D&D more and more recently and the other day my brother was like ‘you’d like that since you like writing stories’ and just reading your posts about the game keep making me want to learn more! you wouldn’t happen to have like a D&D 101 would you? xD

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