Farewell, Murder Gecko!

On Tuesday a very bittersweet session of D&D marked the end of an era.

Six months ago two classmates and I set up a group, later named Fates Folly, with someone I hadn’t met before.

The man, the myth, the Murder Gecko, Øystein.

Nishka drawn by Rebecca

Øystein is not only one of the best actors I have ever met but also the funniest and kindest. Right from the start, my character Autumn and his, Nishka struck a bond and I found a new friend in Øystein.

Words fail to describe how incredible this bloke is. His ability to make everyone around him relax and bring out the best in others is unparalleled. 

Kieran and I were pretty clueless at first, I had only played once myself and Kieran hadn’t played at all. On the other hand, Øystein has been playing for a while. 

Øystein was the one who taught me the most about D&D (sorry Thomas!) and Nishka quickly became the heart of our small party. While often bringing plenty of laughs he was a badass who would do anything to protect his newfound pack.

Without a doubt, he was the one who had to face the hardest challenges yet get he always stepped up when we needed him. This Kolbold would destroy anyone who got in his way, hence his nickname Murder Gecko.

Four months later, we got two new party members, Ben and Rebecca. Things were going great, we met up once a week, played for a couple of hours and had a blast.

giphySadly, as the titles hints, Øystein is leaving. In fact, he is travelling the day this goes online.

Everything came to a head on Tuesday, plot twists and tragedy for everyone involved. I actually cried as Nishka left a message for Autumn.

Our party will never be the same again. Øystein is not only a great player but a rare soul. I am so grateful I got to spend our Mondays together these past nine months but I do wish we could have had a bit more time.

Øystein, I wish you all the best and all the luck in the world. Thank you so much for all the laughs and banter. You will be dearly missed by everyone in Fates Folly.

Farewell, Murder Gecko.

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