The banquet is almost ready

Back in High School, when I first got into Manga and Anime my School had a pretty decent collection of Manga which was always expanding during my time there. Being frank the Libary was one of the only good things about my School but that is beside the point. The Libary became my sanctuary as I read every Manga I could get my hands on.

However, I did have two favourites that I often re-read. Death Note and Fruits Basket. In fact, Fruits Basket was the first Shojo Manga I read and first Shojo Anime I watched. I’m not really a Shojo fan, I prefer Shonens but to this day I still love Fruits Basket and re-read my favourite volume every now and then.

So of course, like the rest of the Anime Community, I freaked out when they announced the new adaptation. Finally! A completed Anime for Fruits Basket!

Everything looks great so far. They got the some of the original cast back, the animation looks beautiful and it’s confirmed for the spring season so we don’t have to wait too long. They are even screening the first two episodes in American Cinemas in a few days time.

It is heartwarming to see that the voice actors are just as excited about the new adaptation as us, if not more so.

Protect this smile!

Despite all that, I can’t help but worry. It is in my nature after all, but I am worried that since the original Manga and Anime are so beloved that this adaptation will have a lot of cynical eyes and folks are going to be hypercritical over every element.

I can already see in my mind’s eye longtime fans ranting and raving because a scene wasn’t exact to the Manga. Dedicated fans can be scary.

I understand why, again I adore the original too but it isn’t fair to put so much expectation on the team behind the newest adaptation. I’m sure they are doing there best to make the Anime the best it can be.

So take a seat and relax, the banquet will be served soon!

2 thoughts on “The banquet is almost ready

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  1. Since I read the manga, I didn’t watched the anime series.
    Most of the time I don’t mind the change a studio make when they adapt manga, but the change made by Studio Deen removes a lot from the original story in my opinion.

    So I was really excited when they announced the reboot will actually follow the manga from the first chapter to the last one.
    While I know I will most likely watch the dub version, I still really curious to see who will voice Akito and I’m quite amuse by the fact Christopher Sabat will voice the fabulous Ayame. Vegeta voicing Ayame lololol

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