There is a New Dawn over Hope County

Just over a year ago Far Cry 5 was released and became one of my favourite games of 2018 and it’s sequel, Far Cry New Dawn just got released this week.

Is it too soon for another Far Cry? Personally, I don’t think so. I am so excited to return to Hope County but I am going to hold off from buying it until I finish my current game and main obsession, Resident Evil 2. That being said I did promise myself that I was going to wait to get it until around June but I ended up buying it days after it’s release.

What can I say, I’m weak.

But we aren’t here to talk about the zombie apocalypse, that’s a rant for another time. Let’s discuss the aftermath of the Nuclear apocalypse.

Taking place 17 years after the explosive ending of Far Cry 5 you must team up with New Eden, the remaining members of the Project at Eden’s Gate in order to stand a chance against the bandit twins Mickey and Lou and their highwaymen.

From what I have seen so far, and in fairness it isn’t much because I like going into a game as blind as possible, the game looks fun and I really like the style they went with. The crazy colours clash well with the natural rural setting of Hope County.

Like I have said before I am still new to the Far Cry franchise. Far Cry 5 was the first and only Far Cry game I’ve played. So having a direct sequel is great news for me but I understand if you think differently.

The twins look like fun villains and I’m keen to see what tricks they have up their sleeves. Also, Joseph is going to return which makes me wonder how he will impact the story. Needless to say, I don’t trust him. I have my eye on you, Seed!


If the gameplay is as fun as it’s predecessor I am going to have a blast with this game. As much as I liked the world and storytelling the gameplay was the winning factor for me. I loved rescuing outposts, coming up with new strategies with my Guns for Hire and overall destroying everything the Peggies made.

For the most part, I am rather optimistic about Far Cry New Dawn but I do have a few concerns. Namely, that is will more or less be a repackaged Far Cry 5 which would be rather disappointing.

What do you think? Are you ready to return to Hope County or are you just going to chill in a bunker until this blows over? Let me know!

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