[OWLS February Blog Tour] Love Never Dies

Yes, I know that this sounds like it belongs in a Halloween ramble, not a Valentines one but my blog my rules!

The theme this month is Adore but being the single curmudgeon that I am I ended up taking a slightly different take on the topic.

Other OWLS folk can and will do a much better job talking about love than I can, but even as someone with very limited experience in that department I know that the hardest part about love is when it ends.

The thing about love is that it isn’t something you can get rid of easily. Even when you know that both of you are unhappy those lingering feelings make it hard to take that step. Worst still, if you find out the one you love loves someone else.

I have been in that position a few times, sometimes crushes and once I truly fell for someone hard but often they were not interested in me or in love with someone else.

That is why I decided to talk about The Corpse Bride as not only is this one of my favourite movies but I think it illustrates my point perfectly.

tenor (4).gif

Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the movie as I am going to talk about the ending. Do yourself a favour and watch it for yourself if you haven’t, you won’t regret it.

The titular Corpse Bride Emily falls for Victor after he mistakenly marries to her after he flees from his own wedding rehearsal.

Victor has feelings for Victoria, his betrothed but does grow to care about Emily to the point that after he finds out Victoria will be married to someone else after his disappearance he agrees to redo the wedding with her, which would mean he must kill himself in the process.

Emily nearly goes through with it but realises it isn’t fair for Victor and stops him, she then releases him from his voes.

All Emily wanted was to be married, but she gave up her happiness for others. That is what real love is, being able to let someone go for their sake.

original (5)

It is painful and those feelings don’t go away overnight, they linger and haunt you for what feels like an eternity. In a way, if you truly adore someone they will always have a place in your heart.

This isn’t just the case for romantic love either, sometimes you need to say goodbye to friends and family. Sometimes you don’t even get the chance to say goodbye, but that love that connected you is still there even after they are gone.

Yes, it’s painful but it somewhat comforts me to think that despite losing loved ones we still have an unbreakable bond.

After all, love never dies.

Thank you so much for reading! Please check out Irina’s OWLS tour on Drunken Anime Blog as she discusses the lovebirds of Natsume’s Book of Friends!

11 thoughts on “[OWLS February Blog Tour] Love Never Dies

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      1. Sorry, I hit send by accident too. D’oh! I wanted to add that I get what you mean too. My first long term relationship ended badly for me, and it took a long, long time to get through that. Feelings rarely just vanish after all. Friendships too have come and gone for me, but the original love is still thereto some point, even after moving on.

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      2. Haha, it is way too easy to do that. I was worried I was being a bit of a downer while writing this but when I tried to reword my thoughts it came off like I was forcing myself. I’m relieved to know my message got through loud and clear!

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  1. oh wow i haven’t watched this movie in FOREVER. i think it’s interesting that you talk about the painful aspects of love, considering we started fluffy and cute with Takuto and even Zel’s post is about feelings of happiness 🙂

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  2. Finally I’ve commented on one of your posts after so long. Lita is so behind but I loved your post. It hit home for me in saying goodbye to people. There are scars goodbyes I’ll never be able to get over I think but I keep that hidden inside myself, it’s never easy. I love the corpse bride def would love to rewatch. 🙂 still great post Megan 🙂

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