Top Five Romance Anime

Ah, February. The month of love, the most romantic time of the year. It makes me want to be sick!

tenor (2).gif

Alright, that was a joke but even as someone who has never had a Valentine I don’t really care about the holiday enough to hate it. I’m not one of those “It’s such an upsetting day if your single” folk. As long as I can grab some chocolate on sale for a good gaming session with some wine I am good to go.

I don’t really care for romance stories either but romance anime, now that I can get behind.

So, without further ado, in no particular order here are my top five romance anime!

Fruits Basket

giphy (2)On top of being an amazing story not only about romantic love but the love between family and friends, Fruits Basket will always have a special place in my heart.

You see it was one of the first manga I ever read along with Shaman King and Death Note. It was also the first Shojo manga I read and first Shojo anime I watched. So yeah, I am rather nostalgic when it comes to Fruits Basket.

Even without the rose tinted glasses on the manga still holds up as an amazing love story and I still love the anime. Needless to say, I am extremely excited about the upcoming anime adaptation that should be coming out later this year.

Ouran High School Host Club

14853Huh, did not expect to have two of these in a row.

Anyway, Ouran High School Host Club follows the host club and their antics which get even more interesting when our lead Haruhi joins under duress.

Thing is, Haruhi is a girl. So in order to pay off her debt he has to pretend to be a boy to entertain the guests of the club.

I have written about Ouran High School Host Club before so if you want to read more about my opinions on the anime and the love story please check it out!

Golden Time

ZAODl1Gotta love supportive couples!

New college student Banri Tada not only has to deal with the regular struggles of college life but also amnesia.

On the first day, he meets the beautiful and passionate Kouko Kaga and the two become friends. Yet as time goes on they grow closer and become a supportive and loving couple.

This anime is adorable and really funny. While it does have a few writing issues (no spoilers but if you have seen it you know what I’m talking about) overall it’s a wonderful love story.

Speaking of love stories.

My Love Story!!

3E30.gifOf course, this anime had to make the list!

Takeo Gōda is a kind and selfless guy but struggles with finding a girlfriend. Part of the problem is his large body and the other problem happens to be his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa a handsome and charming guy.

However, after saving Rinko Yamato she falls for him and the two start dating.

Right, I know this will sound lame but these two are total couple goals. On top of that Takeo and Makoto make a great duo as well since Makoto continue to sports his best friend.

If you have not seen My Love Story!! yet do yourself a favour and watch it!

Kiss Him, Not Me

tumblr_okf8rzZjEX1u55xnmo1_500Last but not least is a reverse harem with a twist.

Kae Serinuma was an overweight otaku but she was happy with that. She is also a self-confessed fujoshi.

However, when her favourite anime character died she refused to leave her bed for a week crying over the loss. When she finally pulls herself together he finds out that she has lost more than just her precious Shion but also a lot of weight.

This change leads to several boys trying to court her but she would rather see them kiss each other than her, hence the title.

Kiss Him, Not Me is one of my favourite romantic comedies, I highly recommend it!

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