Shunned Scotland

Rant time, lads. Strap in.

Two days ago was Burns night, a time to celebrate our most famous poets Robert Burns.

To anyone reading this who isn’t Scottish, ever heard of Tam O Shanter? The guy who peeped into a party of monsters, catcalled a witch and fled for his life only just getting away? That was written by him.

02.gifNow, as I was munching on my festive Haggis (side note, Haggis is amazing. I know it sounds odd but give it a try!)  and siping my Irn Bru, which in fairness I drink on a daily basis, a thought popped into my head.

Why does Scotland get the short end of the stick when it comes to geek culture?

See, over the past several years there has been a bit of a boom in terms of the population of geeks, gamers and otaku yet when it comes to conventions we don’t get as many and when we do have big ones we have fewer featured guests.

Not to mention access to anime in the first place. Certain anime are not available on Crunchyroll here and getting your hands on physical copies can prove to be a challenge as well since not only can they be hard to find but are often rather pricey.

It sucks to hear folks online rant and rave about an anime, so you go to check it out only for Crunchyroll to deny you access.

Even when it comes to representation we tend to be overlooked in favour of creating English and Irish characters. Seriously, take a moment and count how many English video game characters you can think of, then do the same for Scots.

Is this a major issue affecting millions of lives? Of course not, I’m just a bit miffed about it. It just sucks to see so many of my favourite voice actors, actors and personalities going to English Conventions but not coming to Scottish ones.

Before you ask “then why don’t you just drive down and go to them?” I can barely afford to go to one here let alone pay to travel there and pay for accommodation.

It feels like we are constantly getting overlooked in favour of England most of the time. From a logical standpoint, I get it. After all, we have a population of 5,295,000 while 8.136 million live in London alone.

16UiLLN.gifBesides, it’s not like no one comes here. For instance, I met TomSka a few years back at MCM Scotland Comic Con. He was a total sweetheart and gave me a hug as I was nervously stuttering about how much I love his work. I may or may not have cried a little.

I guess this rant just boils down to me being bitter about being so close and yet so far too amazing events.


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