Resident Evil 2 Demo

Unless something has changed during the window of time between writing this and hitting the Publish button Resident Evil 2 is hitting the UK tomorrow!

I have written about Resident Evil before but I think I should mention out of the gate, I have only played a handful of Resident Evil games. Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Revelations. On top of that, I haven’t finished any of them. All in all, I’m still pretty new to the franchise.

tumblr_pa6umd2tyx1ramblro1_400However, even I couldn’t help but getting a little bit hyped when they announced the Resident Evil 2 remake, although that is mostly because a couple of my friends keep singing the original praises every chance they get.

So, of course, I had to check out the demo.

Before I continue, I have a confession. I did terribly. You only have half an hour of playtime and I only managed to get to the office where the Welcome Leon sign is and while trying to figure out what to do next the game stopped. At least I was only killed once, I guess that’s something.

With that being said, I did enjoy my taste of Resident Evil 2, well when I wasn’t yelling “How are you still standing?” and a zombie I shot three times.

Just in case you need a refresher, In Resident Evil 2, you play as Leon S. Kennedy as he arrives at the Racoon City Police Department for his first day. You also play as Claire Redfield who arrived in Racoon City trying to find her brother but both the Police Department and the city as a whole have gone to hell.

As someone who never played the original, I can’t really compare the two properly but I do like the updated graphics. The advantage for me is that I didn’t know what was coming next, so it was very suspenseful.

The gameplay is pretty fun, but again I am an idiot so it took me longer than I care to admit to figure out the mechanics. I haven’t played a Resident Evil game for about three years give or take. However, once I figured it out it was a lot of fun.


Well, when I wasn’t getting jump scared. I got told off from my younger sister as she could hear me screaming and yelling while playing the demo. I do like how you can see zombies coming if you know where to look, but even when I knew where they were I was convinced they were down and out so I would keep moving forward only to get grabbed.

I think part of the reason I only got as far as the welcome office is that I like to play horror games, especially ones like this, rather slowly in an attempt to spot enemies coming.

I found the whole experience tense as hell. The only place I felt safe was the main hall and even then I had my guard up. I loved it, it kept me on my toes as I cautiously searched about the Station. The music, horrid sounds just out of reach and constant fear of attack made for a great first impression.

If the demo is anything to go by Resident Evil 2 should be a great game and it’s one I’m keen to get but, as always, I’m skint so while I wait for it to get a bit more affordable I’m going to finally get around to finishing Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4.

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  1. You haven’t finished Resident Evil 4!? HOW DARE YOU!! Just kidding xD I definitely recommend you finish 4 as it is one of the best games in the series (and very similar to the play style of the RE2 Remake). The first game is definitely harder for various reasons (limited saves, tougher enemies, etc.), but it is a rewarding experience once you get through it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the 1-shot demo though 😀 I (somehow) managed to finish it before the timer ran out xD

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