Anime Awards 2019, Who I Voted For

Attention anime lovers, we only have one more day left to vote in this years Crunchyroll Anime Awards so get your votes in now!

As I mentioned before I haven’t watched as much anime this year compared to previous years but thankfully a few of the shows I not only watched but loved were nominated. With that being said, here are the nominees that won my vote.

tenor (1)First up, Best Protagonist. This was one of the harder choices for me but I ultimately went with my favourite Death Metal singing Red Panda, Retsuko from Aggretsuko.

For me, she was the best of the bunch as she is such a lovable, relatable and funny character. I can’t wait until season two!

On the other hand, Best Antagonist was an easy pick. Momonga from Overlord and I would say why but I am sticking firm to my rule about no spoilers.

Now, I was torn between three options for Best Boy. Kotaro Tatsumi from Zombie Land Saga, Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia and Haida from Aggretsuko. I ended up going with Haida since I am certain Izuku is going to win so I wanted to show my support for Haida instead.

Best Girl was a no-brainer (pun intended) Lily Hoshikawa from Zombie Land Saga was the obvious choice for me.

Now, you might have guessed that I could have voted for again Aggretsuko for Best Opening Sequence but nope. As much as I like that opening, you can’t beat Deal With The Devil from Kakegurui. Everything about it is awesome, the music and animation are unbeatable in my eyes.

I didn’t vote for anything for Best Closing Sequence as I didn’t watch any of those shows. I stopped watching Attack on Titan years ago.

tumblr_pijp270u1a1y09wp9o6_500Another easy pick, Mamoru Miyano as Kotaro Tatsumi from Zombie Land Saga for Best VA Performance (JP) I mean come on! He clearly was giving it his all and his performance is amazing. On the same note, for Best VA Performance (EN) I picked Erica Mendez as Retsuko for the same reason.

I didn’t vote for either Best Director, Best Continuing Series or Best Film since none of the anime I watched this year make the list and I haven’t seen any anime films this year.

One last vote for Aggretsuko as it was my choice for Best Character Design. Partly because I suspect Zombie Land Saga will win this category but don’t worry, I voted for Zombie Land Saga for Anime of the Year.

Last but not least, All for One vs All Might got my final vote for Best Fight Scene.

Who did you vote for? Do we disagree or are we in the same boat? Let me know! Also, if you still haven’t you can vote here.




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